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Services Department

Services Department
  1. King Abdullah II Fund for Development/ Office of functional guidance and follow-up of the graduates help students, refine their personalities and rehabilitate them for the labor market through training courses and rehabilitation services.
  2. The Office of the Arab and Foreigner students issues permits and visas for Arab and foreigner students’ and all what  foreign students need from governmental transactions to facilitate their studies.
  3. Help students in the issuance and renewal of the Military service book.
  4. The Office of the Postgraduate Students serve postgraduate students and helps them to the preparation for the labor market through the sessions, meetings, clubs and all what gives the graduate student better opportunities to develop itself and refine his personality. 

Office of Arab and Foreigner Students Division

The Office is intended to reach the maximum possible contribution, in activating the role of the Student inflow, in the university community in particular, Jordanian community in general, and assist the student inflow to adapt to and integrate in the student body and face the challenges that may be encountered in his life, both scientific and practical.

Because of the environment of the positive education provided by Amman Arab University, it became the heading point of many of  students, Arabs and foreigners.  The Office of Students Arrivals Affairs was established to help these students in various issues that face them in the period of university study and to give effect to their role in the university through the activities by the Office. Therefore, the Office of the students arrivals welcomes all arrivals in their second country “Jordan”, in their University; Amman Arab University, and invites them to visit the Deanship of Students Affairs, communicates with it, since it was found to facilitate their affairs.

The Tasks of the Office of Students Arrivals Affairs:

  • The preparation of the base of the archive available data on students arrivals.
  • Follow-up  the procedures for the granting of residence and its renovation during each semester, and follow-up the issues of the students - if any - in the Ministry of the Interior and the security services, and  work on solving their problems as soon as possible.  
  • he Permanent meeting with students in the office of arrivals to hear their suggestions, and answer their questions.

Residence procedures for students’ arrivals in Jordan:

The system of visa and residence: 

Remind dear students’ arrivals that there are certain procedures that must be briefed; with the assistance of the Office of Arrivals concerning residency in Jordan:

Visa Requirements:  

  • A photocopy of a passport that is in effect.
  • Proof of student from the circle of acceptance and registration in the university. 
  • The permanent address and provisional address.
  • A photocopy of the residence in the country of residence,( nationalities residing outside the mother country). 

The Annual Residency:

All multinationals need a residency, and need a visa to enter Jordan except the nationalities of the (Arab Gulf countries, Egypt and Syria) who do not need a residency or entry visa to Jordan, but needs to identify the residency place,  in the nearest police station available in the residence of the student housing.

Residency requirements for the first time: 

  • A photocopy of a passport valid for a period of not less than 6 months (Page of Information, page containing the last entry to Jordan).
  • A medical examination. 
  • The identification of housing, and imprint on the passport in the nearest police station available in the area of residence of the student. 
  • Proof of student from the university certified by higher education.
  • A letter directed from the university presidency to the ministry concerned. 
  • Two personal photos. 
  • A photocopy of the residency of the country of residence, not less than one year for nationalities residing outside the mother country. 

The requirements of the renewal of residence: 

All the above mentioned except for medical examination, housing and the imprint of the passport.

The requirements if the student graduated: 

  • Heading to a police station to pay the file, and obtain clearance. 
  • Obtaining clearance from the university.

Requirements in the case of the transfer of custody to the university:

  • Clearance from the party of the former residence. 
  • The requirements mentioned in the second item (residency requirements for the first time). 

The requirements of the transfer of custody of the university: 

  • Dropping the annual residency (file payment).
  • A letter from the Interior Ministry to transfer the bail. 

Additional information: 

  • The Palestinian Authority passport holders directly reconsider the department of Palestinian Affairs and the concerned security bodies. 
  • Provisional passport holders must review the concerned security if they have (Green Card). 
  • It is not allowed to address the concerned parties of residency; if the student did not register in the university, and did not get the proof of student, certified as assets.
  • At the request of any student of the competent security; for it to provide the following:
    1. The identity of the university.
    2. Passport.
    3. Proof of student. 
    4. The agenda lectures.
    5. Financial receipts. 

Important Note: Please, dear all students’ arrivals - from the multinationals- reconsider the office of arrivals in the Deanship of Students Affairs, to fill the model of personal data, for it is necessary for the maximum. 

The requirements for obtaining the temporary students demonstrate:    

  • Proof of student for the semester intended to have the customs exemption during it.
  • A Photocopy of the passport.  
  • A Photocopy of the university identity. ​