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About College

The College of Business Administration, with all its specialties, supplies the labor market with highly- trained and skilled cadres, who may maintain sustainable growth and development in all economic, social and political sectors, and play a key role in the progress of our national economy.

The College of Business Administration, as one of the humanitarian and economic faculties in its teaching methods and application of concepts, is morally obliged to enhance the development of education in the fields and disciplines of Economics, Business Administration, Finance and Business. And as a result, our College has provided thousands of graduates contributing noticeably to the development of both the public and private sectors.

To live up to the challenges and changes of  labor market and to keep pace with the scientific developments in the fields of finance and business, the College of Business has developed innovative strategic plans for all disciplines operating under its umbrella. Through active participation and contribution to the achievement of sustainable development, it aims to be one of the leading faculties among other comparable ones at the local and international universities,

Our College comprises three major departments: the Department of Business Management and Administration, the Department of Finance and Banking Sciences, and the Department of Management Information Systems.

The above departments comprise a number of minor divisions in the levels of undergraduate and graduate studies.

Our College offers Bachelor's degree programs in Management, Business Management, Marketing, Accounting, Finance and Banking, and Management Information Systems.

Our graduate programs offers two-track approaches to obtain a Master's Degree: Comprehensive Track and Thesis track. The following degrees are available at our College:

  • Master of Management         
  • Master of Business Management,               
  • Master of Human Resource Management,        
  • Master of Marketing,         
  • Master ofAccounting,      
  • Master of Finance and Banking,                                                                                   
  • Master of Management Information Systems.

As part of its strategic plan and vision for the future, the College Deanship is planning to launch a doctoral program in Business Administration, and we are studying the possibility of partnerships with local and international universities.

The College of Business Administration constantly seeks to upgrade the quality of its educational outcomes, to keep pace with international standards, and to meet the demands of labor market. To actualize its overall plan, to be one among the most prestigious universities worldwide, the College endeavors to earn Global Academic Accreditation such as the European Operations (EQUIS), and US Accreditation AACSB.