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Counseling and Psychological Services Department

About Us

 The Department of Counseling and Psychological Services is concerned with helping students to adapt psychologically and achieve mental health, as a result of the successive developments and the successive complications surrounding students, by achieving a safe University environment, meeting the needs of students and taking care of their healthy growth in various aspects of their lives.

 A student who enjoys good mental health will be able to face these challenges and difficulties, and with its deficiency, student will be prone to frustration, anxiety, stress, depression and other mood swings, psychological and behavioral disorders, and the inability to control emotion.  

 The Counseling and Psychological Services Department provides free services to University students that help them deal with many problems and challenges they face, including academic delays, poor achievement, low self-confidence and acceptance of others, in addition to issues related to anxiety and depression, and dealing positively with various pressures.

Department Procedures

1. Receiving students who suffer from social, personal, behavioral or academic difficulties.
2. Transferring students to the concerned specialist to help them.
3. Listening and paying attention to the student who suffers from a problem, providing specialized assistance and meeting his needs.
4. If a student encounters difficulties or problems, the student can be transferred to the specialist from abroad, with the student's approval.
5. Cases reviewed by the Guidance Office are followed up and full care is provided to them.
6. Guidance sessions are held in order to provide students with skills that enable them to better psychologically adapt.
7. The department also deals with students with disabilities by filling out their own forms in coordination with the concerned authorities to secure their needs and overcome the difficulties they face.
8. Student reviews are documented in special forms.

Department Objectives

 1. Disseminating awareness of psychological and social health among students.
 2. Accelerating the integration of students and their adaptation to the University environment properly.
 3. Providing psychological and social counseling for students to address some of the problems related to study, such as weak desire to study, shyness and anxiety about exams...etc.
 4. Providing psychological and social counseling to students to improve their educational attainment.
 5. Assisting students in developing their personalities, controlling their emotions, and making their own decisions.
 6. Providing psychological services to University students, their families and the local community.
 7. Preparing and implementing specialized courses for specialists in the psychological field within the local community.
 8. Organizing seminars dealing with mental health issues at the University, which may contribute to serving the local community