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Career Guidance And Alumni Office/ King Abdullah II Fund For Development

An Overview of the Office

The Office is seeking to deepen the ties of communication between the university and its graduates in different locations both inside or outside Jordan  serving  university graduates alike; so that a graduate of the University to continue to keep the comprehensive knowledge including the introduction of new programs and the achievements attained by the League. and keeps the University to continue with its graduates and following-up of their conditions and the successes achieved at the scientific and practical aspects in addition to the exchange of knowledge and experience which contribute to the development of sustainable community by keeping a permanent and strong contact with its graduates.

It also seeks to develop programs and opening new academic programs and employment opportunities available to conform with the requirements of the labor market, and this comes from the League's keen desire to serve the community and the Student alike, the Office cares about the holding of training programs for rehabilitation of students who are expected to graduate in order to take maximum advantage of career opportunities available which in conform with their specializations, assisting them in building the future of privileged professionals in different areas of work.

Mission & Objectives


Consolidation of the League's relation with graduate students and enriching the exchange of experiences, and contributing in the reduction of the unemployment problem.

The objectives of the Office:

  • Following-up to the affairs of the graduates to identify their needs professionally, scientifically and practically.
  • The rehabilitation of university graduates, training and refining their skills and helping them to get jobs that conforms with their specializations and knowledge tendencies, 
  • Keeping the graduates in permanent contact with the university's faculties, to strengthen their loyalty and affiliation to the league and inviting them to participate in the events and programs of the University of different activities.
  • To constantly keep graduates briefed with new developments in the field of specialization and develop their skills scientifically and practically. 
  • To assist in securing employment opportunities for graduates which commensurate with their specialization and preferences. 
The proposed activities of the Office
  • The construction of an electronic page of the office and maintaining it constantly. 
  • The establishment of a comprehensive programed database of graduates; so that the graduate can update its data electronically.
  • Holding an annual day of graduates inviting all of them to attend it. 
  • Working on holding rehabilitation and training programs for students who are expected to graduate in order to take maximum advantage of career opportunities available.
  • Guide the students’ professionally to recruit their potentials to have an access to jobs suited to their tendencies and needs. 
  • The establishment of a club of graduates.
King Abdullah II Fund for Development

The tasks of the Office of functional rehabilitation / king Abdullah II Fund for Development are considered essential to the student during the period of his study, due to its sessions, workshops, participation in conferences, Seminars and meetings with the owners of the expertise and intellectuals.

The office also supervises the activities and services of several students at the university to help refine their personalities and the rehabilitation of the labor market through the holding of specialized courses in cooperation with several institutions, including “Injaz” which holds courses throughout the academic year in skills for success, work ethics, how to be a leader and how to prepare the curriculum vitae of personal interviews.

The Office of functional rehabilitation cooperates with institutions that have nothing to do with awareness workshops and tariff for students, such as: the fight against smoking, drugs law, labor law and social security.

The office also cooperates with the students through the implementation of youth initiatives and the provision of the necessary consultations for their implementation; in addition to the participation of the Office through volunteer students in all the activities of the university workshops, festivals and conferences held at the university level in all faculties in general and the Deanship of Students Affairs in particular; in order to increase the awareness of the students in all areas.