fbpxVision, Mission, and Objectives | Amman Arab University

Vision, Mission, and Objectives



A comprehensive of non-curricula activity aiming to build a balanced and creative personality of students capable of developing and improving future.


An attractive and motivating environment to serve students and local community.


  1. Creating and preparing cultural, physical, artistic and social programs to meet the needs of students.
  2. Assisting students with difficulties adapting with the requirements of the academic life. 
  3. Allowing students to refine their intellectual, national and democratic awareness, and develop their spirit of loyalty and belonging. 
  4. Following -up the affairs of the alumni, working to strengthen links with their university and helping them to find job opportunities. 
  5. Allowing students to integrate with the community and be familiar with the national institutions and bodies in both public and private sectors.
  6. Focusing on the scientifically, culturally, artistically talented students and following up them during their study and after graduation.
  7. Cooperating with other educational institutions inside and outside Jordan and getting benefit from their experiences, both scientifically and practically.