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Student Activities Department

Students Affairs

Amman Arab University provides its students with a distinguished student life;  University life in it includes more than classrooms and books, as it integrates students with community service, and curricular and extracurricular activities.

University life is common and diverse within the University campus;  this integrates the students' learning experience and enhances their cultural and social development.  

The University encourages its students to organize and participate in extracurricular activities under the supervision and care of the Deanship of Student Affairs, to improve the student's personality and enhance his communication skills.

Extra-curricular activities are of great importance in the life of students on campus, with the aim of building their personalities and providing them with leadership skills.  The Deanship of Student Affairs also provides a number of activities and services to accomplish the academic work of students, and help them to employ their full potential. The main objective of the Deanship is to help students perform their duties and serve their community responsibly.  The programs, activities, and services sponsored by the Deanship aim to develop students' talents and hobbies, and help them direct their energies into positive work.

The University also focuses on many cultural, sports and social activities, and motivates students to participate in them, to be an active member open to all civil society institutions.

Student Activities Objectives

1. Developing a sense of belonging to the homeland and a sense of responsibility among students.
2. Focusing on the general Arab, Islamic and human culture.
3. Developing the spirit of teamwork.
4. Informing students of the conditions of their society with its various individuals and sectors, and motivating them to provide appropriate services to this society.
5. Providing opportunities for students to establish positive relationships with members of society and its various institutions.
6. Developing an environment of fellowship, giving and sharing among students, the University and the community.
7. Training students to assume responsibility and complete work according to the plan set for their achievement.
8. Developing students' relationships, attitudes, and skills that generate a sense of commitment to active participation in community service.
9. Enhancing students' self-esteem and confidence in them.
10. Paying attention to moral values.
11. Working on the advancement of literature and the arts.
12. Promoting positive values and practices and addressing negative manifestations and practices.
13. Participating in student activities, community service and the University

 The student activities and community service described below are a mandatory requirement for graduation without any financial costs for the student. The Deanship of Student Affairs manages and organizes activities, events, student initiatives and community service and announces them.
1. The student is required to participate in at least two activities in each semester.
2. These activities may not be postponed except with the approval of the Dean if he is satisfied with the excuse presented by the student. Otherwise, the student's registration for the next semester shall be suspended.
3. The student is required to plant at least one tree per academic year in the place to be determined by the Deanship of Student Affairs in coordination with the concerned parties.

Division of Cultural and Social Activities

The Cultural and Social Activity Unit carries out many cultural, artistic and sports activities for students during the semester that aim to develop the student and improve his personality.
 Addressing the University administration about the requirements of the concerned activity according to the sequence of this activity in the plan
 • Advertising for students through the University's website, social networking sites, and bulletin boards.
 Distributing internal tasks to the staff of the Deanship to follow up and make the concerned activity a success
 • Choosing a group of students (the most prominent) to help with coordination and arrangement
 • Inviting students to attend the activity in the theater.
 • Preparing special forms for students attending each activity.
 • Listening to the suggestions of the students attending the activity in order to develop the upcoming activities to meet the needs of the students

Sports Activity Division

The Sports Activity Unit is one of the important units that helps in building and improving the physical and health capabilities and skills of University students. Many sporting activities are carried out according to the following procedures and instructions:
 • Organizing various internal tournaments with the aim of selecting the teams that will represent the University externally.
 • Students are received and their names registered according to different sports.
 • Directing students to participate in the sports activities included in the deanship's plan.
 • Motivating students to participate in sports competitions held at the University level.

Instructions of Participating in Sports Activities

• The student must be medically fit.
• The student should be of good conduct and behavior.
• To have skills in the relevant sport