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About us


Coping with the vision of Amman Arab University: "A University distinguished in education and scientific research and effectively establishing a knowledge society" and the importance of education for sustainable development at the level of the individuals, families and the country and its responsibility towards the Jordanian society.

The University has developed its social responsibility by creating a specialized office and adding it to the organizational structure to expand programs , projects and partnership with community institutions, and to build horizons of cooperation with sustainable development organizations and global social responsibility to work with serious and ambitious youth of both genders, in order to achieve the principle of justice and equality in opportunities and embody partnership  among public, private and civil society sectors;  to launch educational, economic and social projects, programs and initiatives that contribute to achieving sustainable development and enhancing societal peace; and overcoming the challenges of poverty, which reached approximately 24%, unemployment that approached 20%, and the high refugee rate, which exceeded 30%, which is one of the highest rates in the world.

University Consultant for Social Responsibility

Bassam Al-Bashaera