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About College

Educational and psychological sciences College seeks to enable its graduate students to be an academic and educational specialists with integrated personality; rationally, emotionally, skillfully, socially and creative thinkers who are able to contribute in establishing and preparing distinct human energies efficiently in developing and changing the society continuously within the framework of maintaining the identity and originality of the community. 

At the same time we seek to keep up the spirit of the age with its different dimensions specially the knowledge-based economy and technological development.

Educational and psychological sciences College in Amman Arab University was established to accomplish the university’s message and duty honestly and completely and to achieve its goals in the educational field at the highest superior and distinct levels within the framework of rationality, ethics and responsibility principles.

Jordan's and other Arab countries need for qualified skillful educational leaderships representing deep understanding of this age's data and changes especially in the fields of science and technology was one of the most important motivations to establish this College. In addition to the need for a renewable educational thought, based on the nation's constants and global experience taking advantage of the data of this age. It is hoped that the conducted researches at this College, largely, would develop this thought.

Finally, the reason for establishing this College emerges from the Arab societies need to have institutions which offer scientific and thoughtful consultants in relation with the education issues; since it is considered as a thoughtful leadership to whatever raises in these societies of jurisprudences that have a relation with these issues specially the community problems contributing in solving the problems and setting the appropriate solutions within the limits of the proper scientific research methodology.​