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Arab Council for Sustainable Development

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About the Council
Chairman of the Council Director of the Council
الوديان shereen
Prof. Mohammad Al-Widyan                 Dr. Shereen Abu-Ghazaleh


The Arab Council for Sustainable Development is one of the Arab councils emanating from Arab Universities, which is hosted by Amman Arab University. This Council was created by a resolution of the Executive Council of the 53rd session of the General Conference held during the period 14-15/11/2021. This Council was established as a consolidation of the mission of the Association of Arab Universities in supporting and coordinating the efforts of Arab universities to prepare individuals capable of serving Arab nation, preserve its cultural and civilizational unity, develop human resources to achieve the aspirations, encourage the establishment of joint Arab research and scientific centers, exchange results, and connect applied research with economic and social Arab development plans.

The Arab Council for Sustainable Development aims to activate the developmental role of Arab higher education institutions and contribute to consolidating the concept of sustainable development and disseminating the culture of ethical commitment to taking responsibility towards society, the environment and people, and to create a mature generation that carries out the social and humanitarian tasks alike. The importance of establishing this council meets the focus of various accreditation institutions and the international quality of universities, which went beyond the number of published researches or ratio of faculty members to students, scientific and practical achievements or the number of alumni. Moreover, the Council focuses on the performance of universities in the field of community service and preserving the environment and contribution to improving the economy of the countries and the development of societies.

To be a distinguished regional council that leads the efforts of sustainable development in Arab universities and societies. 

To enhances the leading developmental role of Arab higher education institutions to invest in people and prepare them to take responsibility towards their society and environment and encourage joint Arab action towards a sustainable environment suitable for future generations. 

The objectives of the Arab Council for Sustainable Development focus on stimulating the development role of educational institutions in achieving the following global development objectives:

  1. Promoting and consolidating the concept of sustainable development and the developmental and participatory role of universities with various development parties.
  2. Enhancing Sustainability by focusing on the quality of education, entrepreneurship and creativity in the Arab higher education institutions.
  3. Emphasizing the role of universities in bridging the gender gap in education, empowering women and girls, organizational justice and reducing inequalities.     
  4. Sustainability of the campus and the promotion of the concept of green universities.

The Board of Directors of the Arab Council for Sustainable Development for the three years 2022-2025 consists of:

  • President of Amman Arab University – President
  • Secretary General of the Union of Arab Universities
  • Assistant Secretary General of the Federation of Arab Universities
  • Dr. Shereen Abu-Ghazaleh – Director
  • President of Mohammed V University / Morocco
  • President of Yahya Fares University - Media / Algeria
  • President of the University of Monastir / Tunisia
  • Prof. President of the Arab American University / Palestine
  • Prof. President of the National Private University / Syria
  • President of the University of Business and Technology / Saudi Arabia
  • President of Al Wasl University / United Arab Emirates
  • President of Menoufia University / Egypt


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Activities and Achievements
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