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The deanship of scientific research and Postgraduate Studies is considered in all global and local universities, the most important deanship which reflects the reality of scientific research in terms of quantity quality. Also, it is considered one of the major standards in rating the Universities especially in the most used rating (QS). This deanship in general have the got the attention and support of universities leaders and the decision makers. 

The first research deanship was established in Amman Arab University to develop and supervising scientific research in (2007), which was called Amman Arab University for Postgraduate Studies. In 2009 the university name was changed to Amman Arab University as result of initiating Bachelor degree programs side by side with Master program, and seasing the Ph.D. programs. Therefore, the scientific research was merged with Postgraduate Studies and the new name for the deanship became (Deanship of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies) to take over the responsibility of supervising and supporting the scientific research for faculty members and the graduate students.

Through its various activities, the Deanship is aimed to improve the quality of scientific research and provide the logistical services required by the process of scientific research for faculty members and graduate students. This deanship has taken an active role in providing many services and initiatives that may support and encourage researchers, Teaching staff and graduate students to conduct targeted and distinguished researches with emphasis on national priorities for scientific research in the Kingdom. The Deanship also, works to support the faculties in the University to improve the quality of scientific research and provide support and incentives for researchers to publish their research papers in prestigious scientific journals and encourage them to participate in local and international conferences. In addition, the Deanship issued its first edition Journal called Amman Arab University Research Journal specialized in educational and psychological studies, and then followed by a number of other specializations such as in legal Studies and Business Administration. In its future vision, the Deanship seeks to make these journals indexed in international databases.

Dean of scientific research and graduate studies.

Prof. Ismail Yamin