About Us

Dr. Adnan Aljadiri


When Amman Arab University founded in 1999, formerly known as Amman Arab University for graduate studies, aimed at establishing a scientific edifice help preparing competent graduates at the local and international levels.   

​Simultaneously, the deanship of scientific research and graduate studies was founded, which is meant to implement policy planning, preparing plans and programs in the light of future changes. 

In addition, providing students and their supervisors with the necessary requirements for scientific research and setting the organizational basis and executive procedures for all university programs to benefit students and improving their scientific level.

Since establishment, the deanship of scientific research and graduate studies managed to attract a large body of distinguished Jordanian and Arab students to its programs, totaling 16 including; educational and psychological sciences, business administration, law and computer science. The university is proud of the nobility of its name, holiness of its mission and the great achievements fulfilled since foundation. In addition, the university is proud of its teaching staff and students, who hold the mission of university in their conscience to serve science and human knowledge.

Dean of scientific research and graduate studies.

Dr. Adnan Aljadiri