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About College

The College of Computing and Informatics established in the academic year 2000/2001 by the decision of the Higher Education Council No. (115) at its meeting held on 30/04/2001. The College pay a great attention to its graduate standard in the various disciplines including computer science, software engineering, Data Sciences and Artificial Intelligence, and cyber security. We prepare our graduated students to be highly qualified to contribute to the labor market in the fields of information and communication technology (ICT), which ensure the achievement of the objectives of national institutions in both public and private sectors.

The College conducts periodic evaluation of its academic programs, which we strongly believe are necessary mechanisms for the application, control and improvement of quality and the development of the services provided in academic programs and the level of efficiency in achieving its goals and outputs of education and the extent of its compliance with developments at the global level and its relevance to the local and regional labor market and the evolvement  and development of the society.

In order to achieve its mission, the College is passionate on increasing excellence by focusing on the applied aspects in the educational process in order to qualify students to compete in the labor market and provide them with scientific, practical, and communication skills that help them to accomplish their career effectively, in addition to serving the community and contribute to the development  of the national and regional technical infrastructure in the fields of ICT and establishment an educational climate suitable for students and researchers