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About College

Early 2016/2017, the College of Sharia was established at the Amman Arab University which includes sixteen Arab and foreign nationalities as well as some Jordanian students. This College includes a group of distinguished scholars holding PhDs in Sharia branches and Islamic Studies, who Look forward to achieve the highest standards of moderation in understanding Islamic religion and creed apart from extremism.  In addition, the College aims at achieving the highest degrees of distinction through providing the enrolled students in the College with the purposes of the Islamic religion together with purity and originality of Sharia. The College looks forward to prepare distinguished graduates with high scientific competence, representing the supreme values of Islam to be able to carry the message, demonstrate honesty, achieve the concept of peaceful dialogue and coexistence. In addition, the College seeks to contribute actively to building the minds of the people based on the right creed and the tolerance of Sharia.