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Academic and Employment Reputation Form

Academic and employment reputation are among the most important impressions formed in the minds of individuals and form their attitudes towards the university. Academic reputation is characterized by its ability to constantly interact with the variables of the individual, the university, and societal variables.

Therefore, we always aspire to be part of our family.

Where it weighs 50% of the total marks, the QS institution will academic and employment reputation be one of the most important criteria for classification

By sending a questionnaire that measures the academic and employment reputation of a number of academics and employers. QS rating

The institution asks the university for a list of proposed names and addresses from these slides, so that they can be added to lists provided by the institution itself.

**Please kindly fill in all information in English

Data of an academic who is well acquainted with the faculty member and the university -- Click Here

The employer's data is aware of the university's employment reputation -- Click Here