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Arab and Foreign Students Department

About Us

The office aims to reach the maximum possible contribution to activate the role of the foreign students in the University community in particular, and the Jordanian community in general, and to assist the foreign student in adapting and integrating with other students, and facing the challenges that the student may encounter in his scientific and practical life.
 Because of the positive learning environment provided by Amman Arab University, it has become the destination for many Arab and foreign students.  The Office of Arab and Foreign Students was established to assist and care for these students in the various issues they face during their University stages, and to activate their role in the University through the activities held by the Deanship of Student Affairs.  For all this, the Office of Arab and Foreign Students welcomes all foreign students in their second country, Jordan, and in their University, the Amman Arab University, and invites them to visit the Deanship of Student Affairs, and communicate with it, as we are here to facilitate their affairs.

Tasks of the Department of Arab and Foreign Students

  Administrative side

1. Communicate with the Ministry of Interior to give students annual residencies.
2. Renewing students' residencies during their studies.
3. Providing visas to enter the Kingdom for students wishing to study at the University.
4. Giving the student pledges to the Customs Department, for the purpose of obtaining temporary entry car plates

 Academic aspect:

 1. Following up on student admission and registration at the University.
 2. Following up on the registration procedures for the semester courses.
 3. Communicating with the cultural attachés of the countries of the foreign students studying at the University.
 4. Making Quittance for students.