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Vision, Mission & Objectives


An Advanced ranking in international classifications.


Providing distinguished teaching, learning and research that serve society, meet the needs of the labor market, and achieve sustainable development by creating local and international partnerships and employing technology.

AAU Objectives:

  1. Developing institutional performance and improving human resources.

  2. Providing an attractive University environment and developing digital facilities and infrastructure.

  3. Improving the quality of teaching and learning and providing a stimulating environment for creativity and innovation.

  4. Preparing professionally qualified alumni for the requirements of the labor market.

  5. Stimulating and developing scientific research and postgraduate studies.

  6. Creating partnerships locally and internationally and contributing to community service and sustainable development.

  7. Strengthening funding sources, diversifying revenues, and attracting students.

The Fundamental Values of Amman Arab University

  1. Leadership: Finding creative and innovative methods to accomplish tasks.

  2. Excellence: Performing work and activities with high quality and efficiency.

  3. Transparency: Commitment to explicitness and objectivity in all tasks.

  4. Accountability: Taking responsibility for decisions taken.