Vision, Mission & Objectives


A distinguished university in learning and scientific research and active in promoting a society of knowledge.


Providing an outstanding academic learning and innovative scientific research that serves the community, enhances knowledge, achieves quality and contributes to comprehensive development.

AAU Objectives:

1.    Improving the quality of the educational process and teaching staff.
2.    Preparing high quality, distinguished and scientifically and professionally qualified alumni to cope with the requirements of the labor market.
3.    Promoting institutional culture and providing an attractive University environment.
4.    Enhancing the social responsibility of the University.
5.    Supporting scientific research and graduate studies.

The Fundamental Values of Amman Arab University

1.    National belonging.
2.    Teamwork and leadership.
3.    Quality and excellence.
4.    Justice and Integrity.
5.    Teaching and continuous learning.
6.    Creativity and achievement reward.
7.    Tolerance, non-violence and extremism.
8.    Transparency and accountability.
9.    Respect for the opinions of others.
10.    Respect of values and cultural diversity.