Vision, Mission & Objectives


A distinguished university in learning and scientific research and active in promoting a society of knowledge.


Providing an outstanding academic learning and innovative scientific research that serves the community, enhances knowledge, achieves quality and contributes to comprehensive development.

AAU Objectives:

1. To be an independent institution academically, intellectually, financially and administratively, tending to promote the competitive spirit concerning accountability and transparency and developing rules, regulations and procedures.
2. Providing an attractive academic environment to achieve distinction and academic innovation.
3. Consolidating empirical scientific research and graduate studies concerning development plan.
4. Marketing university programs and maintaining its effectiveness locally and regionally.
5. Providing infrastructure matching accreditation criteria and quality assurance to achieve distinction locally, regionally and internationally.
6. Developing academic plans and programs and updating them continuously to enhance the quality of higher education outcomes in the university keeping abreast with the needs and requirements of labour markets.
7. An optimal investment of the accessible financial resources of the university, looking for modern and various resources and adjusting the expenses.
8. Enabling human capitals to keep abreast with the intellectual development scientifically and administratively and updating continuously the structural organization of the university.
9. Promoting university outcomes of students coping with public and private accreditation criteria and admission policies.