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Instructor Namespecific MajorSuggested Consultation
M.Sc. Haya Saleh ElqaderiMedicinal Chemistry & Pharmacognosy1. Designing a drug, and the study of its structure, stereochemistry and structural activity relationship. 2. Recognizing different plants and the part used for therapeutic purposes. 3. Studying different therapeutic agents and its chemical structure alon
M.Sc Amani Al-RawashdehClinical pharmacy1. Nuclear Medicine and PET-CT unit and quality control. 2. Evaluate and solve problems associated with clinical laboratory tests. 3. Writing and submitting scientific research manuscripts to scientific journals. 4. Evaluation of Clinical Pharmaceutical S
M.Sc. Nazek AlhamadToxicology and Forensic sciences. Provide knowledge of efficacy and importance of natural products in medicinal use. 2. Evaluating exposure and solving problems associated with toxicants. 3. Writing and submitting scientific research manuscripts to scientific journals.
Dr. Ala’a Al-SubeihiToxicology and Pharmacokinetics.Doing scientific research 2.Discussing university theses 3.Evaluation of scientific research papers 4.Equipping analytical laboratories
Dr.Lara TutunjiPharmaceutics. Evaluation of bioequivalence studies in terms of writing the protocol, writing the consent forms and Case Report Forms (CRFs) as well as writing the final study report 2. 2. Evaluation of clinical trials in terms of writing the protocol, writing the con
Dr. Ala’a SirhanAnalytical Chemistry1. Conducting research, evaluating pre-publication research and scientific promotions. 2. Provide technical training in the operation and use of chromatography techniques such as GC, HPLC, and LC-MS. 3. Giving lectures on chromatographic techniques suc
Dr.Yazan AlrashdanClinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics1. Conducting peer reviews for pre-published research papers. 2. Evaluating research projects’ proposals 3. The immune response for COVID-19 virus and the therapy associated with it. Immunity against viral infections causing juvenile diarrhea, vaccinatio
Professor Khalid Al-JaffPharmaceutical Microbiology and Immunotherapy1. Evaluation of researches before publication in Scientific journals 2. Evaluation of researches presented for Scientific Promotions. 3. Conducting scientific researches for industrial medical purposes 4. Evaluation of suggested scientific medical and
Dr. Heyam AL-TajSpecial Education1. Assistive Technology 2. learning difficulties 3 . families with disabilities 4. Gifted and talented 5. social responsibility 6. Early intervention and inclusive education
Dr. Anas HanandehEducational technology1. Educational technology 2. Serious games 3. Educational Technology