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About Us / Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center

Creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship at the global and local levels have become one of the most significant priorities for governments, institutions, and economic and educational planners, due to many advantages that can be fulfilled such as the achievement of comprehensive economic and social development, the creation of many job opportunities, and the achievement of sustainable development through creating creative, entrepreneurial, and qualified generations to compete globally.

Coping with the mission and values of Amman Arab University, which are based on providing distinguished academic education, and producing innovative, pioneering scientific research that serves the community and contributes to the achievement of comprehensive development, the Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center was created as one of the cornerstones that contribute to creating an environment of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in the University and the local community. The center seeks to disseminate and consolidate the culture of creativity and entrepreneurship and to provide all integrated services for innovators and entrepreneurs to support and nurture them, develop their innovations from the first step towards achieving their own entrepreneurial project.

The center welcomes all employees of the University and the local community to be our partners in success, development and progress, and to contribute together to promote the concept of social responsibility and sustainable development of the national economy.

Center Manager 

Dr. Samer Ayasrah