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University Security and Public Safety Department

About Us

The University Security Department works to maintain internal security at the university and the safety of its facilities and property, in cooperation with other parties inside and outside the university.

Head of the University Security and Public Safety Department
Alaa Erekat

Tasks and Duties of the University Security Department

- Monitoring the general scene at the University through:

 1- Maintaining security, public order and morals inside the University .
 2- Organizing the entry of people and vehicles to the University and issuing the necessary permits to do so
 3- Preventing traffic accidents inside the University
 4- Providing the necessary calm and comfort to ensure the progress of the teaching process
 5- Cooperating with the deanships and departments at the University to provide security and organizational requirements related to employees, students, vehicles, and University activities in all its forms.
 6- Helping students with special needs and providing them with all means of assistance and comfort on campus
 7- Protecting and preserving all University property
 8- Immediate assistance in cases of first aid and emergency
 9- Executing a well-prepared and trained plan in the event, God forbid, of natural disasters in the University