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The Registrar's Office is the main nerve of the University. It is the main source of data and instructions for granting degrees starting from the acceptance of the student and during his study until graduation. It is a service department for executive decisions and regulations that guide the students.

It contains a data base of information about the faculties and other administrative and academic departments, and thereby serves the academic and administrative affairs.

This Department is an important reference for any developments and decisions that serve and determine the outcome of the student's educational work in order to improve the quality of education and to keep up with technological, administrative and academic development. 

Admission procedures:

Admission procedures and regulations:

  1. The student fills in an application form at the registrar's office.
  2. Certified certificates and other required documents are attached (listed on the application form).
  3. The application is to be submitted at the registrar's office
  4. The application will be considered with respect to the admission requirements at the university.
  5. The student will be informed of a decision regarding acceptance within a maximum period two weeks.
  6. If a student is admitted, an acceptance certificate will be issued indicating the student number, specialization, and semester in which the student was accepted.
  7. Accepted students should  register courses before the start of the semester. Should the student fail to register or pay admission fees, his/her enrollment at the university will be cancelled.

Admission requirements for Bachelor's degree

  1. General Certificate of Secondary Education or equivalent certified by the Ministry of Education in Jordan.
  2. Admission Grand Total is 60% except for Law Faculty which is 70%.
  3. Copy of passport
  4. Personal Photo
  5. Lectures take place during the morning from Sunday.
  6. Admission after community college or transition from another university depends on vacancies
  7. For transferring students, a transcript of grades certified from the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education, in addition to a certificate of good conduct, are requested.
  8. In the case of transferring from community college, acceptance requires a grade of at least 68% in the comprehensive exam.

Admission Requirements in the Graduate Studies:

  • General Certificate of Secondary Education or equivalent certified by the Ministry of Education in Jordan
  • A Bachelor's degree or equivalent from a recognized university in the specialty field or related fields.
  • The Bachelor’s degree to be in a subject that qualifies the student for the graduate study.
  • To pass the national exam of the English language successfully rating (75%) for students of medicine, dentistry, engineering, and disciplines of English (literature, translation, curricula and methods, (65%) for other fields. The validity of the exam results is 2 years from the date of the exam.