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Rules, Regulations & Instructions

No.RulesDownload File
1Rules of Higher Education and Scientific ResearchDownload
2Rules of Jordanian UniversitiesDownload
3Jordanian universities modified code for 2019Download
4Rules of Accreditation and Quality Assurance for Higher Education InstitutionsDownload
5Rules of Accreditation Commission for Higher Education InstitutionsDownload
6Jordanian universities modified code for 2019Download
7Social Security Act 2014Download
8Labor Act and its Amendments No. 8 of 1996Download
9Income Tax Law 2014Download
10Tax Bulletin 2015Download
No.RegulationsDownload File
1Financial RegulationsDownload
2Internal Regulations of administrative bodyDownload
3Regulations of Scientific scholarshipsDownload
4Students Disciplinary RegulationsDownload
5Regulations of granting academic degreesDownload
6Regulations of Scientific CentersتDownload
7Regulations of supplies and tendersDownload
8Regulations of Transition and TravelDownload
9Regulations of Scientific ResearchDownload
10Regulations of Faculty MembersDownload
11Educational system of higher education institutions for the year 2021Download
12A system for regulating the practice of student party activities in educational InstitutionsDownload
No.Fundamentals and CodesDownload File
1General Policy of Amman Arab UniversityDownload
2Fundamentals of Computer UsageDownload
3Fundamentals of Internet UsageDownload
4Fundamentals of E-mail UsageDownload
5Fundamentals of integrating e-learningDownload
6Fundamentals of offering hosted and joint programsDownload
7The Jordanian code of scientific research ethicsDownload
8Alumni Online CodeDownload
9Code of faculty members’ disciplineDownload
10Code of students’ disciplineDownload
11Code of Conduct for Administrative OfficerDownload
12Code of responsibilities and duties of the Academic SupervisorDownload
No.InstructionsDownload File
1Instructions on scholarships for scientific, administrative, or vocational coursesDownload
2Instructions of financial provisions of scientific scholarshipsDownload
3Instructions of scientific conference participationDownload
4Instructions of scientific researchDownload
5Instructions of monitoring attendance and leave of employeesDownload
6Instructions of faculty membersDownload
7Instructions of distinguished Employee AwardDownload
8Instructions of Amman Arab University Award for the Distinguished Faculty MemberDownload
9Appendix 1Download
10Instructions of granting honorary doctorate awardDownload
11Instructions of Honor Roll for StudentsDownload
12Instructions of online examsDownload
13Instructions of scholarshipsDownload
14Field training Instructions for students of engineering facultyDownload
15Field training Instructions for undergraduate studentsDownload
16Instructions of special studyDownload
17Instructions of summer sessionDownload
18Instructions of Placement testDownload
19Instructions of graduation projects for students at the Faculty of EngineeringDownload
20Instructions of Graduation project for undergraduate studentsDownload
21Instructions of awarding Bachelor’s DegreesDownload
22Instructions of awarding Master's DegreesDownload
23Instructions of granting PhD DegreeDownload
24Instructions for granting a higher diploma degreeDownload
25Executive Instructions of Student FundDownload
26Instructions of document disposalDownload
27Instructions of using and renting lockersDownload
28Instructions Security and entry of persons and vehiclesDownload
29Instructions of student clubsDownload
30Instructions of student tripsDownload
31Instructions of the Advisory Council of facultiesDownload
32Instructions of student activities and community serviceDownload
33Instructions of Library ServiceDownload
34Instructions of the Department of Engineering and Public ServicesDownload
35Appendix 1Download
36Appendix 2Download
37Appendix 3Download
38Instructions of offering diplomas and training coursesDownload
39Language Center InstructionsDownload
40Anti-smoking InstructionsDownload
41Information Technology & Communication Center InstructionsDownload
42Student Council InstructionsDownload
43Instructions of Social Responsibility FundDownload
44Instructions of Creativity & Entrepreneurship centerDownload
45Instructions of Consulting and Training CenterDownload
46Instructions of Medical CenterDownload
47Instructions of E - Learning CenterDownload
48Instructions of Student Employment FundDownload
49Instruction of Sick Leaves for Faculty MembersDownload
50Instruction of International Bureau and External RelationsDownload
51Instructions for graduation projects for students of the Faculty of Computer Sciences and InformaticsDownload
52Instructions for the pharmaceutical field training course for students of the Faculty of PharmacyDownload
53Instructions of the researcher’s bodyDownload
54Instructions for incentives for preeminent studentsDownload
55Field training instructions for students of the Faculty of Computer Sciences and InformaticsDownload
56Field training instructions for students of the Faculty of PharmacyDownload
57Instructions of the Student Financial Aid FundDownload
58Instructions for measuring and evaluating the learning outcomes of the academic programsDownload
59Field training instructions for Bachelor of Special Education studentsDownload
60Instructions for blending e-learning in higher education institutionsDownload