President Message

Prof. Khaled Al Tarawneh
Professor Khaled Al Tarawneh


Welcome to Amman Arab University, a widely recognized as one of the best private universities in the region. I am pleased to welcome you at our University, an academic institution committed to improve the characters of students and equip them with knowledge and skills to enhance their expertise, expand their horizons, and muster up their abilities and potentials.

The University endeavors to promote trends for academic research and unbiased investigation. It works hard on fostering creative thinking, i.e. to produce innovative alumni creative in their pursuits, and committed to their national ethics and traditions and always embrace the authentic Arab and Islamic values. We have faith that our qualified graduates will leave a positive mark over our region.

Amman Arab University was established in 1999 to be an effective partner in its contribution to the economic and social development at both levels, the local, and the regional. The University aspires to be a beacon of science and knowledge, as it incessantly embraces quality education, and focuses on the student as an individual and provides him with the knowledge and skills needed to be an active and effective member in her/his own community. Our University represents a diverse society that harbors large numbers of students from different nationalities, Jordanians, Arabs, and others.

Amman Arab University works hard to make available all sources of education, the materials and academic facilities to meet the educational and research requirements, community service; it always keeps its doors open for the local community and gives hand in its development. All our highly qualified faculty members work as one team to implement effectively and thoroughly the objectives of the University.

The University has moved to its a new location, a modern building equipped with modern state of the art equipment available, that meet the accreditation standards and what it takes to facilitate the programs and disciplines taught at the university.

We are working industriously and decently to serve our country and our Arab and Islamic nation, asking God, the Almighty and the Omnipotent, to preserve our home country Jordan and to keep it always an oasis of security and stability under the patron of science, kindness and giving, his Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al-Hussein. Peace, Mercy and Blessings of God be on you always.


Acting President of the University   

Professor Khaled Al Tarawneh​​​​