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Professor Mohammad Al-Widyan

I am privileged to welcome the family of Amman Arab University; faculty members and administrative staff, particularly those who newly joined our distinguished and leading family in the process of teaching and learning. I extend a warm welcome to the students, especially the new students who look forward to be part of our family that is renowned for leadership and excellence.

We say our family, and we mean it, because the presidency of the university believes in the significant role that everyone of us can play for the progress of teaching, learning and scientific research. We believe that everyone of us has excellent potentials that need to be unveiled and guided for the better in order to serve the university, society and home country. This is the measure of differentiation among the members of our family; work and production tirelessly. 

Amman Arab University believes in participatory approach in work and administration. We also build on achievements of previous administrations, in the sense that we believe in the importance of avoiding central administration and individual decision-making. In addition, we believe in the role of each one of us in work and making a story of success that all may experience and getting affected by in appropriate circumstances, taking into account the principles of accountability in line with criteria of quality, good governance, pursuant to the regulations and laws. 

We keep working to enhance partnership with international universities and local institutions to employ qualified people who serve the process of teaching and learning and most importantly serving scientific research. It is of a paramount significance to promote the outputs of scientific research, controlling its tracks for the benefit of our country and in response to our role of enlightenment and coming up with solutions for current challenges, particularly the economic challenge.

We are proud and delighted that we have been and continue to be a successful and leading university in the process of teaching and learning which, was not affected during the period of Corona pandemic, may Allah protect us and our homeland from it. The university made a story of success and practiced leadership in blended and distance learning via utilizing means of technology and overcoming difficulties. 

In this regard, we continue in utilizing e-learning, enhancing the outputs of scientific research, most importantly fostering academic outputs and improving the competitiveness of our students in labor market through offering new majors to join other leading and distinctive majors such as cyber-security, aircraft maintenance and renewable energy, taking into account the requirements of labor market.
Again, I welcome you, and ask Allah to protect you, and our country from all that is wrong, under the rule of his Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein. 

The President of Amman Arab University
Professor Mohammad Al-Widyan