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The library Department Provides a set of Subscribed Databases

The library participates in the database (EBSCO), which provides several thousand foreign journals in various administrative, educational, psychological, legal, computer, literature and science subjects in the Full-text format (pdf). It also provides an e-book which contains thousands of e-books in various disciplines and provides access From the campus on the following link



The library is subscribed to the SCOPUS database which contains abstracts and references from articles published in indexed refereed journals. To find out how to create an account on the Scopus database,  click here



The library joins Qastas platform for legal research, as it covers all local and international legislation and agreements and provides unique content in both Arabic and English available through a practical translation of all legislation and agreements . Moreover, the official translation is available in a corresponding format suitable for reviewing an unprecedented volume of judicial decisions for all levels of courts.



The library participates in the legal information center of Adalah, which is an important reference for judges, lawyers, researchers, academics and those interested in the field of law. It contains Jordanian legislation, judicial rulings, international conventions and all information of legal interest to the researcher.




The library Department Provides a set of free Databases

The library department provides a set of free databases, which are (Scientific Book Portal, Taylor and Francis)) and it is available to students on the e-learning system

Name of DatabaseDatabase WebsiteUser GuideNotes
Science Book PortalClick HereDownloadFree for an academic year
Taylor and FrancisClick HereDownloadFree for an academic year