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Library Activities:

The Library Department provided library and informatics services to all students, faculty and administrative staff members of the university and the community. Its services include the following:

Material search service Library:

The search service is an important service provided by the library to its visitors. This process is done automatically through the screens of the library system.

Loan service:

The library materials are seconded and retrieved automatically, in accordance with the regulations and instructions issued by the University. According to the Library's instructions, the number of books allowed to be loaned is as follows:

Faculty members (20) book for the semester, members of the administrative body (5) books, master students (6) books, undergraduate students (3) books and the length of loan allowed for students and members of the administrative body are two weeks renewable for one time.

Reservation service:

In case there are not enough copies of some books that contain important topics for the students that they need in their studies and is very popular, the library places these books on the reservation shelf on the recommendation of the faculty member for students and researchers to read them in the library or reproduced parts of them, With the intellectual property rights. The Library also offers loan service for books reserved for one night only, which begins half an hour before the end of the official working hours of the library and ends after half an hour from the beginning of the next day.

Reference services:

The library provides reference services for all categories of beneficiaries to meet their needs in the research and study. The most important types of reference materials available in the university library are as follows:

Theses and Dissertations:

The University contains a wide range of letters and dissertations in the fields of law, education, computer and administration, and the library provides them both electronically and electronically.


The University Library shares a wide range of scientific journals in various scientific disciplines offered by the different faculties of the University in both Arabic and English.

  • Encyclopedias.
  • Dictionaries and dictionaries.

Training and Counseling Service:

The Library Department is keen to provide training and guidance services related to the library system for students, faculty members, administrators and the local community and to respond to their queries and questions in order to connect to the various sources of knowledge.

Current briefing:

The library provides the ongoing briefing service to inform the beneficiaries of all that is new to their employment in the educational learning process. This is done through:

  • Issuing the monthly lists of the materials that reach the library monthly and put them in the newsletter of the university harvest.
  • Put some of the selected new titles on the library's bulletin board.

Electronic database service:

The library provides electronic database services for periodicals and books, and the beneficiaries are trained and guided on how to access and benefit from these rules.