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Moodle Learning Management System



Students and faculty members can log into the system by obtaining a username and password from the Admission and Registration Department, and then click here to go to the “Moodle” system. A detailed explanation of how to use the system is available by clicking here. This system provides faculty members and students with the following capabilities:

• Manage and control students' grades and put them in categories for easy access.
• Classroom management and student attendance through the attendance and absence program.
•    Assessment implementation and feedback on educational activities within the courses
• Communication between students with each other and students with teachers as well as teachers among themselves through student dialogue forums, simultaneous chat rooms and wikis
• Designing consecutive lessons
• Management of the cooperation system between students in research
• Share files between students and teachers
• Management of reports and research
• Import and export research, lessons and courses from and outside the platform with ease
• Tracking and supervising students' skills and semester activities.
• The system provides several options for the course professor to choose the appropriate method of teaching the course
• Putting scientific references for each course, whether they are files, videos, links, etc.
• Automatic content management, which depends on the student's activity within the course and what he has accomplished
• The course professor can easily create his own website to manage the course in an electronic format.
• The course agenda feature, which allows controlling all matters related to the educational process
• The student can know the level of his academic achievement in each course.
• The possibility of exchanging files, assignments and research between users.
• There is a private messaging system between users as well
• The course professor can design electronic exams, not only objective, also there is a system for all types of questions (essay, delivery, multiple choice, true and false...etc.
• designing and publishing surveys
• Setting tasks and duties where the professor places a link to deliver the duties and tasks in an electronic form that is available to students within the course.