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EON-XR Augmented and Virtual Reality Platform

Believing and in accordance with the slogan of leadership and excellence at Amman Arab University, the university has invested more than $ 5 million in virtual and augmented reality technologies in education, with the aim to raise the student’s educational levels.
To achieve the previous goals; AAU has cooperated with the American company named EON Reality; EON reality is a leading company in the field of virtual and augmented reality technologies.
Designed to bring Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions to as many people around the world as possible, EON-XR removes the obstacles that often come with incorporating AR and VR into an academic or industrial environment. Through EON-XR, educators, trainers, employers, and other users are able to create interactive and immersive AR and VR lessons without needing any coding or advanced technological knowledge. The lessons can then be distributed to their audience of students, trainees, employees, or the general public for consumption on common devices ranging from smartphones to laptops to publicly available headsets. EON-XR is preparing millions of students, employees, and citizens for the present and future while both replacing and aiding traditional training and teaching methods in dozens of countries around the world.
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Augmented and virtual reality technologies at Amman Arab University