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MOOCs Massive Open Online Course

What are MOOCs?

What are MOOCs?
MOOCs are training courses that are presented in a video format directed to a large number of users, are presented by a group of experts and specialists, and deliver notices and certificates for the students.

Properties of MOOCs

- It targets a large number of users of different categories.
- It contains courses or curricula.
- It contains different courses in different specializations.
- Availability of an accredited certificate for some training courses
- It is not completely free and contains some fees.
- It is placed by a cooperative group of experts and professors.
- Allow forums for communication between users
- The courses are based on a specific time (that is, they have a specific start and end date and are not available at all times).

Sources for obtaining MOOCs

There are many organizations that offer MOOCs, where you can benefit from these courses, examples of which are:


Platform namePlatform description


EdraakIt is an Arab online platform for open source collective courses (MOOCs). It was established at the initiative of the Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development and in partnership with His Highness, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Edraak aims to provide high-quality educational courses based on the development of their contents by elites of experts and academics in the Arab world and the world, in addition to offering some international translated courses. into Arabichttps://www.edraak.org/
KKU OCWKing Khalid University for Open Courses (KKU OCW)https://ocw.kku.edu.sa/?q=courses
Rwaq PlatformIt is an electronic educational platform concerned with providing free academic materials in the Arabic language in various fields and specializations, provided by academics from all over the Arab world, who are enthusiastic about expanding the circle of beneficiaries of their specialized scientific and knowledge inventory; Where they seek to deliver it to those outside the walls of universities. You can join the material that interests you, follow its weekly lectures, and interact with lecturers and classmates wherever you are and at your convenience.https://www.rwaq.org/
Doroob PlatformDoroob platform is considered a kind of mok because it offers different training courses, some of them are free and some of them are paid, and they give accredited certificates.https://www.doroob.sa/ar/
Edx PlatformOne of the most important open teaching resources on the Internet was established by the Massachusetts Institute in cooperation with Harvard University in 2012 with the purpose of presenting educational lectures at the university level in many fields of science, including engineering, physics, chemistry, and others, and publishing them all over the world in English, and other languages have been added later. Participation in it is free and it works to reconcile teaching and scientific research. edX currently employs about 1.3 million students from different countries of the world. The two institutions are spending $30 million each to continue offering this educational program, which is freely available online.https://www.edx.org/
 ALISON    It is a not -profit organization incorporated in Galway, Ireland and is one of the largest providers of educational resources outside the United States of America. Provided by 114 educational institutions.https://alison.com/
 Coursera    It is considered one of the most advanced e-learning networks.https://www.coursera.org/

Carnegie Mellon University

OCL-Open Course Library
Connexions-(Connexions (Also a good source for Open Textbooks