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Community Service

Community Service


College of Pharmacy Community Service during the Academic Year 2018/2019:

1.    On 25/04/2019, the Faculty of Pharmacy team at AAU secured the third place in the nation-wide 1st pharmaceutical scientific competition organized by the Jordanian Pharmacists Association.
2.    On 12/03/2019, A group of students, accompanied by faculty members, visited Princess Rahma Children Hospital in Irbid and delivered a lecture to increase the awareness regarding the proper use of antibiotics and vitamins. Target groups were patients and/ or their care-giver. 

3.    On 03/04/2019, a supervised team of pharmacy students was involved in pedagogical excursion to the Middle East Pharmaceutical Industries Factory.

4.    On 04/04/2019, a group of supervised pharmacy visited the University of  Jordan Hospital. Students split into a team of small groups, each group checked in particular department, and within each ward, students assisted & helped pharmacists in handling prescription. Also, students offered help to the elderly patients concerning the preparation and submission of their official documentations.

5.    On 27/07/2019, under the patronage of  Prof. Maher Saleem, president of AAU, along with Dr. Mohammad Abu Asab representing the Jordanian Pharmacists Association, and Director of the Family Pharmacy chain. Dr Ramzi Khreisha, the virtual pharmacy was inaugurated with generous sponsorship of Dr.  Khreisha.  

6.    On 27/07/2019, the Faculty of pharmacy organized a pharmacy oath ceremony for expected graduates. Professor Maher Saleem, the university’s rector, and a representative of the Jordanian Pharmacy Association Dr. Mohamed Abu Asab, attended the ceremony. 

7.    On 23/04/2019, Rrepresentatives of Seba-med, a medicinal skin-care manufacturing company, delivered a lecture about "Skin Care”.

8.    On 16/12/2018, the Faculty of Pharmacy organized an on-campus health care one-day campaign in cooperation with Nama, a community development association. The objective of this campaign focused on raising awareness amongst staff and students with regards to common prevalent disorders within the Jordanian community.

9.    On 14/10/2018, with  the help of senior pharmacy students the Faculty of Pharmacy organized a welcoming celebration for freshmen. 

10.    On 03/11/2018, a group of enthusiastic pharmacy students launched the initiative:" A breakfast meal for university staff". The meal was prepared, packaged, and handed over to members of the security team as well as the general services and cleaning personnel in the university.

11.    On 13/11/2018, The Faculty of Pharmacy Dean met with students to exposed any potential educational difficulties, answer their questions and queries, and address current issues that are important for all students as well as projecting future plans for the faculty.

12.    On 15/04/2019, the Faculty of Pharmacy invited Dr. Nagham Al-Qarghouli, a Specialist of Laparoscopic Surgery and Oncological Surgery at King Hussein Cancer Center, to give an awareness lecture titled: Breast cancer; symptoms and treatment methods.

13.    On 12/01/2019, the Faculty of pharmacy organized a pharmacy oath ceremony for expected graduates. Professor Maher Saleem, the university’s rector, and Dr. Zaid kailani head of the Jordanian Pharmacy Association, attended the ceremony. 

14.    On 06/03/2019, the scientific competition (kahoot) by members of the Faculty of Pharmacy students committee was organized.

15.     On 14/05/2019, members of the Faculty of Pharmacy student’s committee celebrated the holy month of Ramadan through distributing charity boxes for the needy staff within the university.