fbpxVision, Mission, and Goals | Amman Arab University
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Vision, Mission, and Goals


Leadership and excellence in pharmaceutical teaching and learning, scientific research and community service at the local and regional levels.


Preparing competent pharmacists who meet the needs of the labor market and achieve the objectives of sustainable development by providing academic staff, distinguished scientific research, and constructive local and international community partnership.


  1. Developing study plans coping with the technological progress and e-learning.
  2. Providing distinguished leadership teaching and learning to graduate professionally and research-qualified pharmacists.
  3. Preparing students with pharmaceutical work skills to deal with health care providers, patients and society.
  4. Encouraging scientific research, providing the appropriate environment, and developing the measures
  5. Developing pioneering postgraduate study programs that take into account the needs of the pharmaceutical labor market.
  6. Creating local community partnerships to serve the community and achieve sustainable development goals..

Fundamental Values of Faculty of Pharmacy

Within the framework of the University values, the Faculty of Pharmacy believes in the following:

  1. Leadership: Finding creative and innovative methods to accomplish tasks.
  2. Excellence: Performing work and activities with high quality and efficiency.
  3. Transparency: Commitment to explicitness and objectivity in all tasks.
  4. Accountability: Taking responsibility for decisions taken.