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Oracle Academy




About Academy

Oracle is a global company and one of the largest information technology companies, especially in databases. Oracle Academy offers educational resources and advanced programs such as applied programs and curricula in the field of databases and programming that allow faculty members to use them in their courses.

To implement the university's strategy by mapping professional tracks with study plans for the various majors at the university, an agreement was signed between Amman Arab University and Oracle Academy to employ the various educational resources of Oracle Academy in the College of Computer Science and Informatics.

Accordingly, the College of Computing and Informatics Sciences mapped several courses with the training courses offered by the Academy, such as databases and Java Programming.

Academic Activities
  1. Providing distinguished training programs that help faculty members to teach database design and programming courses.
  2. Providing access accounts for the electronic content of the Academy (programs, e-books, Java development environments, Oracle Academy Cloud, etc.)
  3. Qualifying students to apply for Oracle exams.
  4. Providing training opportunities for faculty members and students through free training workshops
Training Courses

The Academy offers several courses in the following areas:

  • Databases and Database Systems;
  • Databases Programming;
  • Programming in JAVA Language.
Contact Us

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Fatima Al Shennaq: +962-799036035
Or via e-mail: f.alshannaq@aau.edu.jo