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Technical Network Division


The IT infrastructure department implements the maintenance and management of all network services, internet and protection and safety. It also provides Internet service and e-mail to members of the teaching and administrative bodies. The department periodically updates the existing hardware and keeps pace with developments in the field of computer software.


  • Managing and supervising the network and performing the necessary maintenance.
  • Linking the university through a secure network which facilitates the process of internal communication and external network.
  • Creating accounts (user names) for faculty members and accounts by job title for the administrative body to ensure the safe operation of the entry to the university network.
  • Creating E-mails for university faculty members and administrators so that these accounts be managed by the laws and regulations of the university.
  • The development of the Internet service by increasing the speed and security of the process of browsing and filtering and blocking websites across modern devices and programs.
  • Providing training courses to staff members.
  • Supervising communications between various departments through the network and servers.