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Website Division


The department performs a set of tasks and functions related to the university's websites in terms of design, programming and graphic design. More popular and popular. We will put in your hands the most important roles and tasks of this section:

  • Continuously improving the performance of the university’s website to suit all new developments and to have a strong software structure worthy of the university’s level.
  • Continuously adding the necessary modifications with regard to the content, menus, and services of colleges, departments and centers in both Arabic and English, according to what is provided to us by the website liaison officers.
  • Adding news and classified ads correctly in the sections assigned to them with deletion, modification and publication after providing them to us from the Media and Public Relations Department.
  •  Adding a "Personal Page" on the university's website with the creation of a complete control panel to collect faculty data and adding pages that are easy to deal with by faculty members.
  • Creating a user guide for faculty members on how to use the "Personal Page" to enter their data, step by step.
  • Adding a "Language Center" on the university's website with a complete control panel to translate the site into English through the Language Center.
  • Programming the conference site of all academic faculties.
  • Creating academic colleges, administrative departments and a scientific center on the website.
  • Follow up the implementation of the Webometric plan to raise the rating of the website.
  • Building, designing and developing screens for the website.
  • Developing and expanding the website's content divisions.