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Vision, Mission, and Objectives


Excellence at academic development and continuous improvement to occupy the best places in the local and international rankings.


Working to fulfill the requirements of evaluation, continuous improvement of university academic activities and achieving efficiency for university educational outcomes to keep up with current international changes.


1.     Preparing a comprehensive strategy for training and developing faculty members in line with perspectives of the university and ministry of higher education and scientific research.
2.    Comprehensive evaluation of faculty members and managing their performance.
3.    Obtaining local quality assurance certificates and local and international accreditation.
4.    Establishing and developing the cooperative relations and exchanging expertise with other excellent universities in the fields of academic programs, shared scientific research and exchange of faculty members and students.
5.    Following up the process of increasing the capacity of university academic programs in accordance with the university strategic plans.
6.    Occupying advanced places in the local and international rankings.