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Academic Development Department

About us

Department of Academic Development has been established to develop potentials and skills of faculty members in the fields of academic performance and scientific research according to well-developed plans.

This Department is holding many workshops and training programs per semester according to the annual academic development plans, coping up with the strategic plan of the university, and achieving developments at local and international levels.

The Department is also establishing bases to evaluate performance of faculty members, supervise and follow up process of evaluation. 

Vision & Mission & Objectives


Distinction in training and academic development fields


Participating to enhance the University and reinforcing its academic status by providing training and development programs of faculty members.


1. Identifying training needs and preparing annual training plans.
2. Monitoring and measuring training personnel views and taking the appropriate measures of improvement and development.
3. Regulating debates to exchange experiences among faculty members.
4. Communicating with universities locally and internationally to support academic development plans.
5. Updating and developing various academic policies and measures.
6. Following up the procedure of the academic performance evaluation and submitting reports thereon.

Maha Al Dissi
Director of Academic Development Department
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Hadeel Hiasat
Head of the Training and Development Division
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Units of Academic Development Department
Training and Development Department
Tasks and Responsibilities

•    Sending a form of training needs to the deans to be transferred to the faculty members.
•    Collecting forms to lay out a plan 
•    Plans are set according to the instructions of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and recommendations of faculty members.
•    Following up the training plan implementation.
•    Selecting trainers and coordinating with them.
•    Following up attendance sheets and disseminating the evaluating forms of the workshop and trainer at the end of each workshop.
•    Preparing forms for the statistical analysis purposes.
•    Mapping out improvement plans according to the results of statistical analysis

Assessment and Follow up Department
Tasks and Responsibilities

•    Following up preparation of course file complying with the international accreditation (course specification, measuring learning outcome of the program, connecting learning outcomes of the course with learning outcomes of the academic program, course report) for all departments and faculties of the University supervised by director of Academic Development and Quality Assurance. 
•    Following up Faculty Members to put an action plan per semester supervised by the Academic Development and Quality Assurance Center.
•    Following up Faculty Members assessment (self-assessment, head of department assessment of faculty member performance, scientific production assessment of faculty member, Colleagues assessment of faculty member performance, dean assessment of faculty member performance, and student assessment of faculty member).
•    Summarizing notes of higher studies students about academic supervision according to the form of higher studies students’ opinion regarding academic supervision 
•    Following up faculties by drawing up improvement plans of learning outcomes according to results of the expected graduates’ evaluation form of program outcomes sent by Department of Academic Development.

List of Training Workshops
Workshop namelecturerWorkshop link
Turnitin Part 1 TheoreticaProf. Mohamed AteerDownload
Turnitin Part 2 PracticalProf. Mohamed AteerDownload
Workshop on modern technologies of teaching using EON /2021.2022Prof. Mohamed Ateer &
Mrs. Maryam Al-Ghazawi
Research Statistical Analysis 2022.2021Dr. Moein NasraweenDownload
Workshop on designing interactive electronic courses, session 1/2022.2021Osama Abdel RazekDownload
Workshop on designing interactive electronic courses, session 2/2022.2021Osama Abdel RazekDownload
Postgraduate Studies Guide 2022.2021Dr. Moein NasraweenDownload
Preparation of course learning outcomes 2022.2021Prof. Rashad Al-Saed &
Dr. Mohammed Al-Shanwan
Basis of exam preparation and methods of measuring and evaluating them 2022.2021Dr. Moein Nasraween &
Dr. Marwan Al-Smadi
Dealing with Students and Academic GuidanceDr. Suhaila BanatDownload
System and Regulations of faculty members in force at the university 2022.202Dr.  Nouman KhatibDownload
Course Content Design 2021.2022Dr. Jihad MomaniDownload
Publishing in high-impact international journals 2022.2021Dr. Laith Abu AlaikaDownload
Project-based learning and problem-solving strategies, flipped learning 2022.2021Dr. Khalil FayoumiDownload
Academic promotions, publishing and the ethics of scientific research 2022.2021Prof. Ikhlas Al-TarawnehDownload
Blended Learning and Asynchronous Activities 2022.2021Dr. Moein Nasraween &
Dr. Mohammed Al-Shanwan
Formulating objectives and outcomes of the academic programsDr. Nusaiba Al-MusaDownload
Quality Assurance of Academic Programs 2022.2021Dr. Mohammed Al-ShanwanDownload
Academic Rankings 2022.2021Dr. Muhammad Mustafa &
Miss Kholoud Haraz Allah
Planning and organizing skills 2022.2021Prof. Rashad Al-SaedDownload
Measuring learning outcomes 2020.2021Dr. Bassem BarkaouiDownload
Exam preparation 2021.2020Dr. Bassem BarkaouiDownload