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Planning & Quality Assurance Department

About us

Planning and Quality Assurance Department is preparing and implementing, administratively and technically, strategy of University, and quality assurance procedures and measures in order to enable academic and administrative units achieving scientific and administrative distinction. This Department is also drawing policies governing quality efficiency of academic and vocational performance at the University adequately as an internal control unit following up all work processes in well-planned bases and measures. The Department, in addition to that, is coordinating with relevant parties inside and outside the University to accomplish all tasks efficiently.

Planning & Quality Assurance Department


Vision & Mission & Objectives


Excellence at providing services for competitive academic environment in line with local and international requirements of quality assurance.


Preparing the university to apply quality assurance standards and procedures in order to improve the performance of the university at all levels.


1.    Enhancing the culture of quality assurance and disseminating it among the university staff.
2.    Focusing on the process self-assessment and continuous development, so that the university can fulfill the local standards of quality assurance in all academic and administrative fields.
3.    Preparing the required standards and procedures to achieve the programs of quality assessment.
4.    Creating and developing a comprehensive system for quality assurance management at the university in addition to offering advice and assistance with regard to quality assurance issues.
5.    Managing flow of information, pertinent to standards and procedures of quality assurance at all university levels.
6.    Assuring the process of implementing recommendations of planning and evaluation studies.

Dina Al-Qattouri​
Head of Quality Assurance Department
Extension No.
Safa Yehya
Head of planning and measurement Department
Extension No.
Israa Abu Jamous
Head of the Audit and Follow-up Department
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Departments of the Planning and Quality Assurance Department
Quality Assurance Department

This department seeks to manage the University’s quality system by disseminating the culture of quality and successive improvement among all employees, following up on the academic and administrative units’ application of quality assurance standards related to obtaining local and international quality assurance certificates and maintaining their sustainability, achieving the requirements of the quality management system approved at the University ,and ensuring that the operations to be implemented are in accordance with international standards.


Planning and Measurement Department

The Planning and Measurement Department, in coordination with the Preparing and Following-Up the Strategic Plan Implementation Unit, supervises the preparation of strategic and executive plans for the University and its academic and administrative units, reviewing them periodically, making the necessary modifications, following up on their implementation, and preparing reports of achievement percentages with the Unit.

This Department manages, collects and analyzes questionnaires and performance evaluation forms for the University’s academic and administrative units in coordination with the Measurement and Evaluation Unit and provides the concerned parties with feedback by providing them with reports that include the results of the analysis and a set of recommendations, which contributes to continuous improvement processes in various fields.

Audit and Follow-up Department

The Audit and Follow-up Department seeks to ensure the quality of all University processes and procedures through technical supervision of the paper and electronic systems of the department’s work, follow-up of meetings and minutes of units affiliated to the Quality Assurance Council and the tasks assigned during meetings, correspondence of the Department of Planning and Quality Assurance, and the activities of the internal audit committees affiliated to the department and documenting it, ensuring the application of the archiving system approved at the University, documenting quality assurance procedures in colleges, centers and all University units, and working to follow up the translation of documents related to quality assurance.