fbpxSixth International Scientific Conference of Faculty of Business in partnership with Jordanian Businessmen Association Titled "Business Organizations in Digital Age" From 29-30/ March/2022 | Amman Arab University

Sixth International Scientific Conference of Faculty of Business in partnership with Jordanian Businessmen Association Titled "Business Organizations in Digital Age" From 29-30/ March/2022

 المؤتمر العلمي الدولي السادس لكلية الأعمال بالتشاركية مع جمعية رجال الأعمال الأردنيين بعنوان «منظمات الأعمال في العصر الرقمي» خلال الفترة من 29-30/ آذار/2022


Sixth International Scientific Conference of Faculty of Business in partnership with Jordanian Businessmen Association
"Business Organizations in Digital Age"
29-30/ March/2022
Organized by
Faculty of Business
Amman Arab University


Conference Idea
The Sixth International Scientific Conference of Faculty of Business in partnership with the Jordanian Businessmen Association came as an outcome of conferences that the faculty has been holding with the participation of specialists, academics, and experts on local, regional and international levels. For two days, the conference will discuss research papers, experiences, and success stories within eight various knowledge themes. Amman Arab University, through faculty of business, is looking forward to this conference as an annual scientific platform for researchers, experts, and postgraduate students, to provide ideas, researches, and experience on local, regional, and international levels, to optimize the value by achieving the desired goals, to diagnose important challenges facing business organizations through the digital transition in our current and future age, to provide equitable solutions for it, and to build a future outlook for leading digital business organizations in their fields. Business organizations with digital adaption, seek products development and build a distinctive entrepreneurial business, to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage, especially we live in a huge developed and progressive technological world. Therefore, it is necessary for educational institutions to observe these technological and administrative aspects and apply them in their research endeavors. 


Important Dates
Deadline for accepting the research abstract is 12/3/2021
Deadline for submitting the full research is 15/2/2022
Within two weeks of receiving the research, the researcher will be notified of the research evaluation









Conference Objectives:

The conference seeks to achieve the following objectives:
1.    Providing research projects related to administrative sciences.
2.    Discussing issues and new trends that were tackled by participants in the conference.
3.    Exchanging experiences, building partnerships, and strengthening bonds of cooperation among participants.
4.    Reviewing updated technological developments in digital experience by pioneer companies from the perspective of local and international experts and academics. 
5.    Presenting visions from local and international speakers regarding updates of business organizations in the digital age.
6.    Enriching the conference academic and research work.

Conference Themes 

1.    Business Administration:

-    Digital Entrepreneurship.
-    Strategic management in digital age.
-    Production and operations management in digital age.
-    E-Business. 
-    Smart organizations.
-    Challenges of organizational behavior in digital age.

2.    Human Resources:

-    E-HRM.
-    E-HRM practices in digital age.
-    High-performance work systems.

3.    Accounting:

-    Response of international accounting standards to technological development.
-    Artificial intelligence in accounting.
-    Digital audit.
-    Forensic accounting and information technology.
-    Management and cost accounting tools in the digital age.

4.    Finance and Banking:

-    Financial technology.
-    Digital currencies.
-    Digital banking services.
-    Sustainable consumption in a digital society.
-    The evolution of Banks’ performance in the digital age.
-    Portfolios in the digital age.

5.    Information System Management:

-    Big data analysis in digital organizations.
-    The Internet of things.
-    Business analysis in contemporary organizations.
-    Cloud computing in business organizations.
-    Artificial intelligence applications in contemporary organizations.
-    Block chain in business organizations.
-    Ethical issues in digital technology.

6.    Marketing:

-    Marketing through social media.
-    Content marketing in digital organizations.
-    Marketing through search engines.
-    Marketing and sales automation in digital organizations.
-    Search engine optimization techniques.
-    Uses of business intelligence in marketing activities.
-    Digital marketing strategies in business organizations.
-    Digital Marketing Ethics.

7.    Experiences and success stories in the conference.
8.    Postgraduate students.



 Research Submission Terms

1.    Research papers should reflect the conference's primary themes or their implications.
2.    Review submitted papers by the Scientific Committee.
3.    Scientific research methods should be taken into consideration and the research should be genuine and modern.
4.    Arabic and English research papers are preferable.
5.    The research papers must not have been published or under publication in any scientific conference or journal.
6.    Title of the conference, organizational parties, title of the research (Arabic - English), researcher's full name, academic rank, place of work, and address should be listed on the first page of the research paper.
7.    Microsoft Word must be used for research preparation:
          For Arabic texts: (Simplified Arabic)  
          For English texts: (Times New Roman)   
8.    Research should not exceed 25 pages, including references and appendix as follows:
A.    Font size:
          Research title 14 bold 
          Subheadings 12 dark
           Text 12
B.    The researcher's personal information.
C.    Abstract of the research in Both Arabic and English.
D.    Introduction.
E.    Problem, importance, and objectives of research. 
F.    Research methodology.
G.    Research results.
H.    Conclusions and recommendations.
I.    References (APA) system, version VII.
9.    Scientific Committee of the Conference is not obliged to provide justification for the unacceptable research papers at the conference.

 Research Paper Submission Mechanism & Conference Participation Fees

Research papers should be emailed to Prof. Dr. Ismail Yamin, the Scientific Committee's Rapporteur, at the following e-mail address: con.scientific6th@aau.edu.jo

-    Conference is completely free to attend and participate in.
-    Participant is responsible for all travel and lodging expenses.

Conference Committees

Conference President
Prof. Dr. Hassan Al-Zu’biDean of Faculty of Business


Preparatory Committee

Preparatory Committee
Prof. Dr. Hassan Al-Zu’biChairman
Dr. Daher Al- QurashiRapporteur
Prof. Dr. Ismail YaminMember
Dr. Sahar Abu-BakirMember
Dr. Khaled AboalganamMember
Dr. Mottee Al-ShiblyMember
Dr. Amineh KhaddamMember
Dr. Emad AlmualaMember
Dr. Mo'taz Al-Zou'biMember
Dr. Mahmoud Abu ShareeahMember
Dr. Zyad AlmatarnehMember
Dr. Tayseer Al AfaishatMember
Dr. Ahmad AlbloushMember
Dr. Amro AlzghoulMember
Dr. Ghaith AlsheikhMember


Scientific Committee

Scientific Committee
Prof.Dr. Qahtan Al-SamarraiChairmanJordan
Prof. Dr. Ismail YaminRapporteurJordan
Prof. Dr. Younis MekdadiMemberJordan
Prof. Dr. Rashad Al-Sa'idMemberJordan
Prof. Dr. Nimr Al-SalhiatMemberJordan
Prof. Dr. Raed KanaanMemberJordan
Prof. Dr. Mohamed ShabitaMemberJordan
Prof. Dr. Adel Al-MufrajiMemberQatar
Prof. Dr. Suzan AbedMemberUnited States
Prof. Dr. Ahmed JumaMemberSaudi Arabia
Prof. Dr. Adfad Morteza SaidMemberIraq
Professor Dr. Thaer Al-SamanMemberIraq
Prof. Dr. Zainab Al-JoudiMemberEgypt
Professor Dr. Maan Al-MaadidiMemberIraq
Prof. Dr. Mona IbrahimMemberEgypt
Professor Dr. Al-Ajal AdalahMemberAlgeria
Dr. Hamza KhreimMemberJordan
Dr. Mufleh AlJarrahMemberJordan
Dr. Ohoud KhasawnehMemberJordan
Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed al-JuhaniMemberSaudi Arabia
Dr. Yusliza Mohd YusoffMemberMalaysia
Dr. Saadi TahaMemberUnited Arab Emirates
Dr. Abdul Rahman RashwanMemberPalestine
Dr. Badr Shehada HamdanMemberPalestine
Dr. Wael Mohammed JibrilMemberLibya



Contact us 

 -    Prof. Dr. Hassan Al-Zu’bi - Chairman of the Preparatory Committee
Mobile 00962795629808
- Email: alzubi@aau.edu.jo
- Dr. Daher Al- Qurashi- Rapporteur of the Preparatory Committee
Mobile 00962795177784     
- Dr. Rami Hanandeh- Head of the Public Relations Committee
Mobile 00962786499784
- University website: aau.edu.jo
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