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The First International Conference of the Arab Council for Sustainable Development


المؤتمر الدولي الأول للمجلس العربي للتنمية المستدامة 


The First International Conference of the Arab Council for Sustainable Development
Arab Universities as Incubators for Sustainable Development: Reality and Aspiration
(In Person)
Under the Patronage of his Excellency
 Secretary General of the Association of Arab Universities, Prof. Amr Salama

Organized by
Arab Council for Sustainable Development at Amman Arab University/Jordan



Conference Idea

The Arab Council for Sustainable Development is one of the councils emanating from the Association of Arab Universities at the Amman Arab University. It was created by a decision of the Executive Board of the 53rd session of the General Conference that was held during the period 11 to 15 November, 2021. The establishment of this council comes to consolidate the mission of the Association of Arab Universities in supporting and coordinating the efforts of Arab universities to prepare people capable of serving Arab nation, preserving its cultural and civilizational unity, developing its human resources to achieve its aspirations, encouraging the establishment of joint Arab research and scientific centers, exchanging their experiences, supporting applied research, and linking its topics to Arab economic and social development plans.  The Arab Council for Sustainable Development aims to activate the developmental role of Arab higher education institutions, to contribute to the consolidation of the concept of sustainable development, to disseminate a culture of ethical commitment towards society, the environment and people, and to create a conscious generation that carries out its social and humanitarian tasks.


Important dates
Abstracts are due on or before May 11th, 2023
Authors will be notified of the acceptance of their abstract within a week from the date of submission
Full research papers are due on or before August 11th, 2023
Authors will be notified of the acceptance of their full text paper within two weeks from the date of submission


Conference objectives

The organization of the Council’s first annual conference comes as part of the Council’s annual plan for the year 2022/2023, entitled The Role of Arab Universities as Incubators for Sustainable Development: Reality and Aspiration, which will be held in person at Amman Arab University during the period 29-30 August 2023. The objectives of the conference come in line with the main objectives of the Council, as the conference specifically aims to:

  1. Documenting the efforts of Arab universities in achieving the objectives of sustainable development.
  2. Enhancing the developmental role of universities for a better future for future generations.
  3. Establishing a database in the field of sustainable development for member Arab universities.
  4. Submitting a proposal for an Arab ranking of Arab universities in the field of sustainable development.
  5. Benefiting from international experiences in the field of sustainable development
  6. Launching an Arab award funded by the Federation of the League of Arab States in sustainable development.
  7. Presenting of student projects related to sustainable development.
  8. Identifying the risks that hinder the achievement of sustainable development.


Conference themes

The management of the First International Conference of the Arab Council for Sustainable Development has the honor to invite researchers from different countries to participate in the Council's first conference entitled (The Role of Arab Universities as Incubators for Sustainable Development: Reality and Aspiration), within the following themes:Role of higher education institutions and Arab efforts in the areas of sustainable development.

  • Gender equality and the empowerment of women in sustainable development.
  • Climate change and natural resources on sustainable development and the continuity of generations.
  • International agreements, legislation and policies, human security and human rights in achieving sustainable development.
  • Cities, universities and green business organizations.
  • Innovation, modern technologies, economy, green energy, and research and development institutions in support of sustainable development.
  • Risk management and sustainable development.
  • Experiences and success stories of international organizations (local, regional and global) in the areas of sustainable development.


Conditions and Criteria for Submitting Research Paper to the Conference

  • Research papers should be original and not previously published or accepted for publication, and the principles of scientific writing and intellectual property should be preserved.
  • Research papers should be within the themes of the conference, consistent with it, and achieve the objectives of the conference.
  • Research papers should not exceed 20 pages, of A4 paper size.
  • Research papers should be written in Arabic or English in Times New Roman font, size 12, one line spacing, margins on both sides 1.25 cm, and the Abstract should not exceed (300) words and should contain (introduction, objectives, methodology, results, and recommendations).
     - All submitted papers will be subject to a refereeing process. 
     Each paper should contain an introduction, objectives, research problem, theoretical framework, previous studies, scientific methodology, findings and recommendations.
     Certified documentation is the American Psychological Association, Seventh Edition (APA) system.  American Psychological Association-7th Ed.
     - All papers will be subject to the turnitin test, the percentage allowed is 25%.

Important note: Scientific refereeing is according to the previous conditions for the purposes of accepting participation in the conference and not for scientific publication in scientific journals, as the conditions for publication will be determined according to the scientific journal’s regulations including fees.


The conference management provides refereed scientific journals in the SCOPUS and EBSCO database, and the researcher communicates with the journal he/she wants to publish directly, and the conference management does not bear any financial or administrative obligations in this respect.


  • Participation in the conference is free for all researchers, and the researcher bears the expenses of accommodation, travel and any other expenses.
  • The conference management provides the participants with (a certificate of participation, an introductory bag, a coffee break, lunch, and transportation for the participants from the accommodations approved by the conference management to the conference venue) during the two days of the conference.


Senior Advisory Board


Senior Advisory Board
No.NameEmployerJob PositionCountry
1Prof. Amr Ezzat SalamaAssociation of Arab UniversitiesSecretary General of the Association of Arab UniversitiesEgypt
2Prof. Khamisi HamidiAssociation of Arab UniversitiesAssistant Secretary General of the Association of Arab UniversitiesAlgeria
3Prof. Zafer Al-SarayrahHigher Education Accreditation and Quality Assurance AuthorityChairman of the Commission for Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions and Quality AssuranceJordan
4Mr. Dr. Mamoun Al-DubaiMinistry of Higher Education and Scientific ResearchSecretary General of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific ResearchJordan
5Prof.  Mohammed Al-WedyanAmman Arab UniversityPresident of the University and President of the Arab Council for Sustainable DevelopmentJordan
6Prof. Ikhlas Al-TarawnehAmman Arab UniversityDirector of the Arab Council for Sustainable DevelopmentJordan
7Prof. Abdullah Al-MousaSupreme Council for Science and TechnologySecretary General of the Supreme Council for Science and TechnologyJordan
8Prof. Muhammad GhashiMohammed V UniversityPresident of Mohammed V UniversityMorocco
9Prof. Jaafar BouaruriYahya Fares UniversityPresident of Yahya Fares UniversityAlgeria
10Prof. El-Hadi Belhaj SalehMonastir UniversityPresident of the University of MonastirTunisia
11Prof. Ali Zaidan Abu ZuhriArab American UniversityPresident of the Arab American UniversityPalestine
12Prof. Ahed KhuzamNational Private UniversityPresident of the National Private UniversitySyria
13Prof. Osama JanadiUniversity of Business and TechnologyPresident of the University of Business and TechnologySaudi Arabia
14Prof. Mohamed Abdel RahmanAl Wasl UniversityPresident of Al Wasl UniversityUAE
15Prof. Wijdan Abu Al-HaijaPrincess Sumaya UniversityPresident of Princess Sumaya UniversityJordan
16Prof. Alaa Al-HalhouliGerman Jordanian UniversityPresident of the German Jordanian UniversityJordan
17Prof. Ahmed Faraj Al-QasidAl-manoufia UniversityPresident of Menoufia UniversityEgypt
18Prof. Fahmy Abu Al-RubUniversity of Science and TechnologyAdvisor to the President of Amman Arab UniversityJordan
19Prof. Youssef El HayekAl Sharekah UniversityVice President of the University of SharjahUAE
20Prof. Dhahir Raddad Al-QurashiAmman Arab UniversityCollege of Business - Amman Arab UniversityJordan
21Dr. Dorid MahasnehEdamah AssociationChairman of the Board of Directors of the Edamah AssociationJordan
22Engineer Omar Abu EidEuropean UnionDirector of Environmental Energy and Climate Change Programs at the European Union MissionJordan
23Mr. Nabil AssafFood and Agriculture Organization of the United NationsFood and Agriculture Organization of the United NationsJordan
24Mr. Bassam Al-BashiraAmman Arab UniversityDirector of the Social Responsibility OfficeJordan


Conference Committees

Prof. Mohamad Al-WidyanChairman of the ConferencePresident of the Arab Council for Sustainable Development
Prof. Ikhlas Al- TarawnehConference Vice ChairmanDirector of the Arab Council for Sustainable Development
Prof. Dhahir al-QurashiChairman of the Preparatory CommitteeCollege of Business - Amman Arab University

The Preparatory Commission

The Preparatory Commission
1Prof. Dhaher Raddad Al-QurashiChairmanAmman Arab UniversityJordan
2Prof. Rana Abu HweijMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
3Prof. Abdullah AdenatMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
4Dr. Anwar Al-AssafMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
5Dr. Fahad Al-KasasbehMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
6Dr. Mahmoud Abu JumaaMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
7Dr. Mufleh Al-JarrahMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
8Dr. Monther QudahMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
9Dr. Moein NasraweenMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
10Dr. Kamal ElyanMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
11Dr. Lina Al JarrahMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
12Dr. Zuhair Daoud ZaghloulMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
13Dr. Mahmoud Abu ShariaMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
14Dr. Ghazi Faisal HusseinMemberRetired Ambassador / Director of the Iraqi Center for Strategic StudiesIraq
15Dr. Faris Al-AmaratMemberUnited nationsJordan
16Dr. Heba Tawfiq Abu ClinicMemberThe Islamic University of MinnesotaAmerica
17Dr. Khaled Ahmed RababaMemberprivate sectorJordan
18Dr. Firas Al-BatikhiMemberprivate sectorJordan
19Dina Mahmoud Abu RizkMemberAssociation of Arab UniversitiesJordan
20Bassam Al-BashaeraMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
21Princess Faisal FreihatMemberprivate sectorJordan
22King Mohammed GhaithMemberLuminus Technical University CollegeJordan
23Haneen Al MullaAdministrativeAmman Arab UniversityJordan


Scientific Committee

Scientific Committee
1Prof. Dhaher Raddad Al-QurashiChairmanAmman Arab UniversityJordan
2Prof. Younis Al-MiqdadiDeputyAmman Arab UniversityJordan
3Prof. Adnan Al JadryMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
4Prof. Muhammad AtairMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
5Prof. Ismail YaminMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
6Prof. Suhaila BanatMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
7Prof. Rana Abu HwaijMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
8Dr. Mohammed bin TarifMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
9Dr. Ahmed KhasawnehMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
10Dr. Omar AsaadMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
11Dr. Moti` Al-ShibliMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
12Dr. Moein NasraweenMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
13Dr. Sahar Abu BakrMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
14Dr. Faisal Al-AbadiMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
15Dr. Hassan HanatlehMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
16Dr. Nusseibeh Al-SawwaMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
17Prof. Abdel Raouf Al KasasbehMemberMutah UniversityJordan
18Prof. Ghassan Al-OmariMemberAcademy of Police SciencesSharjah / UAE
19Prof. Mubarak Al-Masry MohamedMemberAfrica International UniversitySudan
20Prof. Noha SayedMemberFayoum UniversityEgypt
21Prof. Asmaa Badri IbrahimMemberAl al-Bayt UniversityJordan
22Prof. Miraj Abdelkader HawariMemberGhardaia UniversityAlgeria
23Prof. Turki Mohjem Al-FawazMemberLusail UniversityQatar
24Prof. Emad Al-MusabihMemberColleges of the Arab EastSaudi Arabia
25Dr. Mufleh Al-JarrahMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
26Dr. Salwa Al-JasserMemberKuwait UniversityKuwait
27Dr. Khalil Abdul Rahman Al TayyarMemberFormer UndersecretaryIraq
28Dr. Mohsen Al-NadawiMemberAbdul Malik Al-Saadi UniversityMorocco
29Dr. Mohammed Al-QarmaniMemberPassion International UniversityAmerica
30Dr. Adnan Al-DamourMemberAcademy of Police SciencesSharjah / UAE
31Dr. Muhammad Ali QaisMemberSheba UniversityYemen
32Dr. Majid Abdulaziz Al-KhawajaMemberUniversity of JordanJordan
33Prof. Wael Muhammad JibrilMemberDerna UniversityLibya
34Mrs. Haneen Al-OtaibiAdministrativeAmman Arab UniversityJordan
35 Youssef Al-KhaledAdministrativeAmman Arab UniversityJordan



Media Committee

Media Committee
1Dr. Moti` al-ShibliChairmanAmman Arab UniversityJordan
2Dr. Bassam GhanemDeputyAmman Arab UniversityJordan
3Dr. Jihad MomaniMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
4Dr. Rami Al-HanandaMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
5Dr. Mohammed Al-ZoubiMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
6Dr. Israa Al-AliMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
7Dr. Abdullah ShawerMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
8Dr. Mohamed ZuhryMemberMansoura UniversityEgypt
9Dr. Miteb Mustafa NajadatMemberprivate sectorJordan
10Dr. Magda MahmoudMemberEgyptian TVEgypt
11Dr. Summer MaknayMemberprivate sectorJordan
12Dr. Wafaa DahmaniMemberAfrican Internet RegistryTunisia
13Mr. Samar Ibrahim QadamMemberElaf Center for Training and Family CounselingAlgeria
14Mr. Ibrahim Ashour IbrahimMemberDamietta UniversityEgypt
15Ms. Mona Bint BazzaMemberMahdia RadioTunisia
16Mrs. Hala Sobhi MuradMemberDibbin Environmental Development AssociationJordan
17Ms. Buthaina QaddumiMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
18Mr. Tariq Al-WreikatMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
19Waddah MismarMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
20Kholoud Harz AllahMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
21Mr. Emad Al-QaralaMemberKingdom ChannelJordan
22Mr. Saleh Al-FarajatMemberRoya ChannelJordan
23Mr. Hazem Al-MustarihiMemberPublic Security RadioJordan
24Haneen MullaAdministrativeAmman Arab UniversityJordan




 All abstracts and research papers shall be sent to the Scientific Committee via e-mail: Sustain_council@aau.edu.jo 

Prof.  Dhahir Al-Qurashi, Chairman of the Preparatory Committee (00962795177784).

Or visit the conference website: https://erp.aau.edu.jo/conferences/auis