fbpxThird International Scientific Conference Entitled "Women and the Language of Dhad (Arabic language) in Entrepreneurship Business and Digital Education" | Amman Arab University

Third International Scientific Conference Entitled "Women and the Language of Dhad (Arabic language) in Entrepreneurship Business and Digital Education"

المؤتمر العلمي الدولي الثالث الموسوم بـــــ " المرأة ولغة الضاد في ريادة الأعمال والتربية الرقمية"


Third International Scientific Conference
"Women and the Language of Dhad (Arabic language) in Entrepreneurship Business and Digital Education"
(June /6th-7th /2023)
Venue: Amman Arab University, Jordan
(Conference face-to-face)
Organized by
Amman Arab University, in Cooperation with the American International Commission for Innovation, Development and Investment and Omm Al Qura Recruitment and Training Academy
Under the Auspices of His Excellency Mr. Faisal Al-Fayez, Chairman of the Senate



About the Conference

Arabic is called “the language of Dhad”, because it is the only language that contains the letter “Dhad”. In addition, Arabs are the most eloquent of those who pronounce this letter, and it is considered the source carrying ideas, conveying concepts, and establishing communication links between different social groups. Hence the need to protect, develop Arabic language, face its challenges and preserve its originality in order to be in line with modern developments.

Women are an important element in the educational, social and production processes in various aspects of life, in addition to their active contribution to entrepreneurship. The educational and scientific process is also witnessing rapid changes due to modern requirements, coping with the industrial and service sectors. Furthermore, world is witnessing technological developments and digital transformations that forced the educational sectors and business organizations in various fields to transfer from traditional reality to virtual reality. Thus, the desire of Amman Arab University, the American International Commission for Innovation, Development and Investment, and Omm Al Qura recruitment and Training Academy 


Important Dates
Deadline for submitting abstracts6 April 2023
The last Date for Submitting the Research20 May 2023
Payment Deadline4 June 2023
Conference Date6th-7th/June/2023


Conference Themes:

Theme: Arabic Language

  • Preparing and qualifying Arabic language teachers for native speakers and others.
  • Arabic translation.
  • The reality of teaching the Arabic language electronically from a distance and its future.
  • Digital content for Arabic language curricula.
  • The reality of teaching Arabic to natives and others and its future.
  • Women's creations in the language of Dahd
  • Women and slang simulations.
  • The role of poetry in preserving Arabic language.
  • Schools of Arabic poetry.
  • Literary criticism and its historical development.
  • The Arabic novel between originality and modernity.
  • Playwriting and Child.
  • Arab poetry and poets through different ages.
  • Arabic folk literature and Arabic language. 

Theme: Social Sciences

  • Violence against women.
  • Role of women in artistic creativity
  • Women and religion                 
  • Role of women in social development, economic support, global leadership, and strengthening the political system.
  • Family disintegration and marital relations

Theme: Education

  • Curriculum, Instructional Technology, Quality Assurance / Criteria and Accreditation.
  • Educational leadership and the challenges of the digital age for teachers and students
  • Education and sustainable development objectives.
  • Educational research in the digital age.
  • Educational issues.
  • innovations in education

 Theme: History and Geography

  • Applications of modern technologies in geography.
  • Production and drawing of geographical maps, the use of remote sensing in geographical studies, geographic information
  • systems and positioning
  • Identity, heritage, history and cultural awareness.
  • Historical Islamic civilization studies.
  • History of Arabs in light of the orientalists' curricula.
  • History of Arab art, media and drama.
  • Historical issues in the Arab-Israeli conflict.
  • Natural, geomorphological, climatic, biological changes, environmental pollution, natural, political and demographic hazards and disasters

Theme: Business Administration and Economics

  • Digital transformation in business organizations.
  • Accounting in light of digital technology
  • Digital Economy.
  • Digital Business Organizations.
  • Digital Marketing.
  • Digital Entrepreneurship

Theme: Law

  • Women and the judiciary system
  • Legal protection for women

Different Themes

  • Modern recruitment methods through digital education.
  • The roles and importance of training and capacity building in encountering cyber crises

Language of the conference: All research papers in the conference will be presented in two languages: Arabic and English only


Scientific Publishing
Accepted research papers are published according to the terms of publication in the Amman Arab University Journal for Research, which carries an international standard number (ISSN 2519-6340), and the American Journal of Human Research is part of the group of American journals, refereed, indexed and registered in the US Library of Congress and holds a global standard number. ISSN 2694-5606. Papers submitted to journals will be checked for originality using Turnitin. 


  • Student/Attendance: ($100): Certificate of participation, bag, and meals.
  • Student participating in research: (200 $): certificate of participation, publication of the research, bag, and meals.
  • Scientist /or researcher/ Attendance: ($150): Certificate of participation, bag, and meals.
  • Scientist /or researcher/ participating in a research: (500 $): certificate of participation, publication of the research, bag,(breakfast, lunch and dinner) and hospitality, accommodation in a hotel for 3 nights (extra charges apply for 4 and 5 –star hotels), an entertainment trip for a full day, and valuable gifts.
  • Guests ($50) and a certificate of attendance at the conference.

Payment Method: Direct or bank transfer

Account holder name: Omm Al Qura recruitment and Training AcademyJordan Islamic Bank \ Abu Nseir Branch – Jordan
Account number0011442240
IBAN NoJO 44JIB A0320001442240410400001







Important notes
If the number of participants in the research paper is more than one author, each author except the first author shall pay $80 as a fee for a certificate of participation, a bag, and lunches.

Awards for Participants

  • Offering the best Arabic research paper award (conference shield and 50% discount on fees).
  • Offering the best English research paper (conference shield award and 50% discount on fees).

Conference Committees


Prof. Mohamed Al-WidyanConference ChairPresident of Amman Arab University
Prof. Daher Al-QurashiPreparatory Committee ChairCollege of Business - Amman Arab University

Preparation Committee


Preparation Committee
1Prof. Dhaher Al Qurashi ChairmanAmman Arab University / Jordan
2Dr.Alaa Al-BawatRapporteurAmman Arab University / Jordan
3Dr. Mahmoud Abu JumaMemberAmman Arab University / Jordan
4Dr. Fahad Al-KasasbehMemberAmman Arab University / Jordan
5Dr. Mufleh Al-JarrahMemberAmman Arab University / Jordan
6Dr. Moti` Al-ShibliMemberAmman Arab University / Jordan
7Dr. May Al-ShaikhliMemberAmman Arab University / Jordan
8Dr. Mishaal Al-JarrahMemberAmman Arab University / Jordan
9Dr. Nusseibeh SawwaMemberAmman Arab University / Jordan
10Dr. Abdulaziz Al-FawarehMemberAmman Arab University / Jordan
11Dr. Yousef QudahMemberAmman Arab University / Jordan
12Dr. Lina  Al-JarrahMemberAmman Arab University / Jordan
13Dr.  Khalil FayoumiMemberAmman Arab University / Jordan
14Dr. Motib Al-OtaibiMemberAmman Arab University / Jordan
15Dr.  Faisal Al-SarhanMemberJordan / Omm Al Qura recruitment and Training Academy
16Dr.  Talal AdwanMemberThe World Islamic Sciences and Education University / Jordan
17Dr. Haya Ali DaoumMemberAmerican International Commission for Invention and Development
18Dr. Walid Al FaouriMemberPresident of the Dad Association / Jordan
19Haneen Al-OtaibiMemberAmman Arab University / Jordan
20May JaradatMemberAmman Arab University / Jordan


Scientific Committee

Scientific Committee
1Prof. Nael Darwish Al SharaaChairmanEnglish languageJordan/University of Jordan
2Prof.  Walid Ahmed Al-AnatiDeputyArabic language for non-native speakersJordan/ President of UNRWA University
3Dr.  Faisal Lafi Al-SarhanAssistantEnglish languageJordan / Omm Al Qura recruitment and Training Academy
4Prof. Adnan Hussein Al-JadriMemberEducational sciencesAmman Arab University / Jordan
5Prof.Suhaila BanatMemberPsychological and Educational GuidanceAmman Arab University / Jordan
6Prof.  Imad Miteb Al-ZuhairiMemberMathematicAmman Arab University / Jordan
7Prof. Sawsan BadrakhanMemberEducation FoundationsJordan / Al-Ahliyya Amman University
8Prof.  Maryam Malallah GhazalMemberGeneral EconomyIraq / University of Baghdad
9Prof. Karima Ahmed HassanMemberConstitutional Law and Political ScienceMorocco / Ibn Zohr University
10Prof. Amal Mohamed OtaibaMemberEducation FoundationsEgypt / Ain Shams University
11Prof. Abdel Salam Mohamed JaoulMemberOrganic Chemistry and Agricultural EnvironmentYemen / Shabwa University
12Prof.  Amira Zubair RifaiMemberPhilologySaudi Arabia / Umm Al-Qura University
13Prof.  Farah Ghanem SalehMemberArabicIraq / University of Baghdad
14Prof. Hayat Abdul Aziz NiazMemberIslamic EducationSaudi Arabia / Umm Al-Qura University
15Prof. Shatha Kazem Al-SaadiMemberEnglish languageIraq / University of Baghdad / College of Education
16Prof.Hanan Ali SaadehMemberPublic law and International TradeTunisia / International Academy of Finance and Arbitration
17Prof. Saad Naji Al-AzzawiMemberMathematicIraq / University of Baghdad
18Dr. Kholoud Hashim Al-WaeliMemberArabic Language / Rhetoric and CriticismIraq / Institute of Fine Arts for Girls
19Dr. Mufleh Al-JarrahMemberBusinessAmman Arab University / Jordan
20Dr.Moti` al-ShibliMemberBusinessAmman Arab University / Jordan
21Dr. Yousef QudahMemberMathematicsAmman Arab University / Jordan
22Dr.  Khalil FayoumiMemberEducationAmman Arab University / Jordan
23Dr. Talal Abdel-Hamid Al-AdwanMemberCurricula and Methods of Teaching EnglishJordan / The World Islamic Sciences and Education University
24Dr.  Raja Khalil al-JubouriMemberSustainable developmentIraq / President of the International Digital Academic Council
25Dr. Ali Ibrahim Al-ShaboulMemberLinguisticsJordan/ Yarmouk University
26Dr. Siham Mahmoud TarawnehMemberTeaching CurriculaJordan/ Mutah University
27Dr.  Maryam Awad bin Idris RadwanMemberSocial ResponsibilitySudan / University of Khartoum
28Dr.Feras Al-BatikhiMemberBusiness ManagementJordan / Royal Jordanian
29Dr. Malik Al-QassasMemberComputerItaly-Jordanian European Commission
30Dr.Aseel Omar Al-AjlouniMemberEducational TechnologyAl-Ahliyya Amman University/ Jordan
31May JaradatMemberHead of Training DepartmentAmman Arab University / Jordan
32Nour Talal Al-AdwanMemberSecretarialJordan / Omm Al Qura recruitment and Training Academy



Media Committee

Media Committee
1Dr. Mufleh Al-JarrahChairmanAmman Arab UniversityJordan
2Dr.  Talal AdwanDeputyThe World Islamic Sciences and Education UniversityJordan
3Prof.  Riyadh Salem AwwadMemberKirkuk UniversityIraq
4Dr. Muteb Mohammed Al-OtaibiMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
5Dr. Randa AmayrehMemberAtaa Entrepreneurship AssociationJordan
6Dr. Ibrahim Al-NsourMemberIrbid National UniversityJordan
7Dr. Feras Al-BatikhiMemberRoyal Jordanian / previouslyJordan
8Dr. Kafa Al-HamoudMemberThe Ministry of EducationJordan
9Dr. Imran KlawyMemberIraqi UniversityIraq
10Dr. Muhammad Al-SmadiMemberIrbid National UniversityJordan
11Dr. Al-Samman HamedMemberOmdurman UniversitySudan
12Dr. Mahmoud HamoudaMemberAmerican Open UniversityUSA
13Dr.Anas Al-AdibatMemberUniversity of MinnesotaUSA
14Dr.  Muhammad Assaf SalamatMemberMinistry of JusticeJordan
15Dr.  Manal Amin Naim Al-AsasMemberAmerican International Commission for Invention and DevelopmentJordan
16Dr.  Alia Marei AlnaimatMemberAl-Ahliyya Amman UniversityJordan
17Dr.  Muhammad Anizan Al-SharariMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
18Dr. Muteb Mustafa NajadatMemberThe Ministry of EducationJordan
19Bushra NairoukhMemberJordan News AgencyJordan
20Majid Al-QuraanMemberSaraha News websiteJordan
21Attorney Madeleine Muady is famousMemberEagle Academy for ConsultingJordan
22Waddah MismarMemberAmman Arab UniversityJordan
23Abdullah Al-HassanMemberAl-Yara’ Organization for Social ServiceSudan
24Faten KhazalehMemberAmerican International Commission for Invention and DevelopmentJordan
25Khaled Al-SalmanMemberInstitute of Communicating Civilizations for LanguagesJordan
26Reem JabrMemberThe Ministry of EducationJordan
27Baraa Mohammed HassounaMemberPrivate SectorJordan
28Nour Talal Al-AdwanSecretariesOmm Al Qura recruitmet and Training AcademyJordan



For Inquiries:-

Research Papers are sent via e-mail to  WLBD@aau.edu.jo , which is the only e-mail for correspondence and private correspondence in the conference.

Prof. Dhaher Raddad Al Qurashi - Chairman of the Preparatory Committee (00962795177784).
Dr. May Al-Shaikhli - Conference Rapporteur (00962797008100).
Or visit the conference website: https://erp.aau.edu.jo/conferences/wldbede