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Dean Message


The Faculty of Sharia is one of the leading faculties of the university, which was founded in 2016.  The Department of Sharia and Islamic Studies occupies a distinguished societal and scientific position, where this department is regarded as the first founded department in this blessed Faculty. The Faculty of Sharia includes the department of Sharia and Islamic Studies together with courses, study plans, highly experienced educational staff, and a scientific and societal status, which reflect its role in serving the local and international community and Islam as well as emphasizing godhead in Sharia to establish the principles of moderation in all matters.

The Faculty of Sharia aims to reject extremism, and terrorism in all its forms and to graduate a generation of qualified sharia students in all scientific, training and intellectual fields.

The faculty contributes to scientific achievements and useful research in line with the current issues. The faculty emphasizes the importance of protecting the country from all that negatively affect Sharia, intellectual and social fields.

Prof. Ameen Abu Lawi