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كلية الشريعة

Dean Message

College of Sharia is one of the pioneering faculties at Amman Arab University which was established in 2019.Sharia and Islamic Studies Department, established in 2016, has a distinguished scientific and social status and is the first department in the College. This Department has a distinguished study plan and highly experienced College members socially and scientifically reflected in local community to serve our holy Islam and enforce moderation in all issues.
This College aims to exclude extremism and terrorism in all patterns and prepare qualified alumni of Sharia sciences in scientific, vocational and intellectual fields.
Sharia College is seeking to graduate callers following methods of Holy Quran and Sunnah in calling for Islam, education, preaching and guidance.
College is participating in scientific achievements and fruitful researches coping with the contemporary issues of the century.
The College is also emphasizing on protecting our country of all negative impacts in Islamic, intellectual and social fields.