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كلية الشريعة

Community Service

The College of Sharia at Amman Arab University has provided and is still providing a lot to serve the community. In the past few years, a number of services have been accomplished for the local community, including:

1- Providing religious consultations in various fields of Sharia.
2- Providing full or partial grants to the local community.
3- Preparing Quranic competitions in which the people of the community participate, such as the competition that was held in March 2022, where it was for the people of the beloved capital Amman, and more than thirty Hafiz of the Book of God participated in it, so that prizes are then distributed according to the competition’s categories and levels and the achievement of the contestants
4- Preparing various religious lectures on topics of interest to the community.
5- Holding educational courses and workshops.
6- Providing the local community with competencies with solid knowledge and high morals to be able to fulfill the functional burdens in the Ministry of Endowments, the Chief Justice Department, the General Iftaa’ Department, as well as the Ministry of Education and other fields
7- Providing the people of the community with books and educational resources
8- The college is in the process of building a mosque that serves the University and the community.
 The college still offers a lot, God willing, to serve the community and its children.