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Dean Message

College of Business is one of the most significant humanities college‘s at the University, and based on its ethical and social responsibility, it looked forward to develop education in the economic, administrative, financial, technological, marketing and various fields of precise knowledge, where thousands of students graduated and are now actively contributing to the process of development in both Public and private sectors.

College of Business has a prominance position in all its majors and fields of knowledge, as it is the main source to supply labor market with highly qualified and trained cadres, in order to achieve sustainable development in all economic, social and political sectors in response to all improvements and challenges and work to keep pace with them to upraise the national economy.

Labor market has witnessed successive developments, challenges and shifts coping with the practical development in the field of finance and business, which prompted the need to develop strategic plans for the majors offered by the College of Business in response to those challenges in order to be the first College in local, regional and international universities in sustainable development.

The College includes today five main departments: Business Administration, Accounting, Finance, Management Information Systems and Marketing. These departments also include a number of academic programs at the Bachelors and Masters levels, as follows:

First: Undergraduate programs: Business Administration, Digital Marketing, Accounting, Accounting and Business Law, Finance and Banking, Management Information Systems and Human Resources Management.

Second: Master's programs (thesis and comprehensive track): Management, Business Administration, Accounting, Finance, Business Information Technology, Human Resources Management, Finance, and Strategic Management.

The Deanship of the College, based on its strategie steps and future vision, is seeking to offer a Ph.D. program in Business Administration and through partnerships with local and international state universities, which is under study. Within the framework of the College’s endeavor also to raise the level of the quality of its educational outputs coping with the international standards in education and the requirements of the labor market, the College, in accordance with the University’s strategy and vision, as well as the strategy and vision of the college, started to obtain the American accreditation for faculties of business (AACSB) to achieve local and global entreprenureship in line with the great efforts exerted by the University to be distinctive internationally.

Dean of the College
Prof. Hasan Al-Zu’bi