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Community Service

Faculty of Business provides a number of valuable community services which can be summarized as follows:

  • Lecture on empowering women and their role in working in the private sector    The National Center for Development and construction of Mafraq Governorate.
  • course in Communication skills.
  • Lecture on small projects and their role in developing the local community.
  • course in Entrepreneurship and enabling entrepreneurial projects.
  • course in art of leadership.
  • course on how to write an administrative plan.
  • course in Effective volunteering.
  • course in Management planning.
  • course in Effective leadership.
  • course in Communication skills.
  • specialized course in bookkeeping.
  • Accounting course for developing the cooperative societies.
  • specialized training course in (applications in the legislation of the income and sales tax law).
  • course in the application of international accounting standards.
  • course in the role of the auditor and professional ethics.
  • Course in Analysis and discussion of financial statements.
  • course in Financial analysis.
  • Sales income tax cycle.
  • The  Accounting course  for developing the  cooperative Associations.
  • Workshop entitled Financial Literacy In cooperation with the Central Bank of Jordan.
  • Visit the Jordan Currency Museum.
  • A visit to first insurance company.
  • A workshop on trading mechanisms in global financial markets in cooperation with CFI.
  • Visit the Human Care House.