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كلية الاداب والعلوم

Dean Message

Dear Students

The College of Arts and Sciences is one of the academic bodies of Amman Arab University (AAU). It was founded in 2012. It has promising and challenging plans to compete with its counterparts in Jordan and the region. The College has good staff members with excellent potential for providing the best education to students. The College offers students a journey of learning and discovery into Mathematics, English and translation. It presents for students:
1.    A Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics, and
2.   A Bachelor's Degree in English Language and Translation
3.    A Master Degree in Applied Linguistics
The College takes a great pride in the high quality of teaching and research. It aims to develop teaching by using modern teaching methods that not only communicate critical information but also make subject matter delivery interactive to the students. The College employ state-of-the arts and well-equipped classrooms and advanced teaching laboratories which have been established to fulfil aims of College. A new number of highly qualified members have recently joined the College to make further advancement and growth. Our, face-to-face, blended and online courses are all designed to allow the students acquire skills in problem solving techniques…etc. and skills in team work and effective communication to meet the needs of contemporary society. Our degree programs are carefully planned to compete with different national and international corresponding programs and to serve relevant sectors in Jordan. 
The College pays a great attention to scientific research. A number of research projects are being carried out and the results of such research activities are usually published in reputable international journals. The College provides several community services in the form of training and refreshing courses, scientific and technical consultancies.
I have recently had the honor to get engaged in our College community as a dean and promote the mission of AAU. I am enthusiastic to share the passion, that our College and students have for learning, and the dedication of our hardworking staff in keeping the College running efficiently. As I am intending to follow a new approach for implementing our strategic plan, the response of our College to adopt and follow this approach is the first step towards our leap for future advancement. The new approach aims to highly activate specialized committees at College to improve its performance. Our main target is to fulfill the requirements of quality assurance and international accreditation. The dedication and determination of College members is the milestone for achieving our strategic objectives, and for building future success in the College. I will continue to reach out to our College community, as we build and shape the future of our College. 
Please join us in transforming the College of Arts and Sciences to achieve its full potential as a vibrant and diverse scientific and educational community; aiming to be internationally renowned for excellence and improving the local community and economy through introducing highly qualified graduates who can contribute efficiently in solving community problems.
I encourage you to browse our updated departmental sites and enjoy the navigation to learn about our academic and research programs, to get enlightened about the exciting educational and research opportunities for our students.

Dr.  Wafa Eid

Acting Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences