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College of Pharmacy at Amman Arab University Raising the Efficiency of its Students

صيدلة "عمان العربية" مستمرة في رفع كفاءة طلبتها


College of Pharmacy at Amman Arab University Raising the Efficiency of its Students

In an effort by the College of Pharmacy at Amman Arab University to raise the efficiency of graduates in accordance with developments in the labor market, college organized a training course entitled (QA & QC in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing).This is in cooperation with the Deanship of Student Affairs/Office of Career Guidance and Graduate Follow-up and Dar Al-Dawaa Company.

During the course, Dr. Moaz Omar, Director of the Quality Department at Dar Al Dawa Company, provided a detailed explanation of the importance of quality in pharmaceutical products, which is considered vital to ensuring patient safety and the effectiveness of treatment. He also explained that ensuring the quality of pharmaceutical products depends on manufacturers’ compliance with good manufacturing practices and conducting careful studies. These efforts are important to ensure the safety and effectiveness of products and compliance with health and pharmaceutical standards. He pointed out that these practices reflect companies’ commitment to patient health and safety and contribute to achieving high-quality health care.

Dr. Moaz pointed out that a written protocol, procedure or program must be followed that includes, for example, the activities that must be carried out, the testing criteria and standards appropriate for the substance or product tested, and the protocol and report must usually include the following: title, reference number, date, purpose. Responsibility, procedure, description of the substance or product, number of samples, sampling method and standards, acceptance limits, sampling frequency, sampling locations, sample collection, storage conditions, type of storage container, analysis methods, results, conclusion, recommendations. He also stated that acceptance criteria are usually more stringent than registered specifications in order to ensure that the substance is well under control, and that for some products microbiological aspects must also be taken into account.

At the end of the course, the lecturer answered the questions of the participants, who expressed their thanks to the university and the College of Pharmacy for holding such courses that enhance their professional path and enrich their knowledge.