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Faculty Members Affairs Department


Missions and Responsibilities

  1. Planning and organizing duties relevant to the members of academic staff:
    • Salary raise
    • Contracts preparation and renewal
    • Health insurance
    • Social security
    • experience letters
    • Holidays and leaves
    • Job terminatio
  2. Providing system with the basic data of the academic staff at the university with the aim of establishing excellent data base.
  3. Doing correspondences with financial affairs department regarding the academic staff in order to establish successful connection between human recourses department and financial affairs department. 
  4. Doing correspondences with media and public relations department in order to advertise for jobs in line with the requirements of the university. 
  5. Receiving job applications and categorizing them electronically and manually. In addition, categorizing those applications based on majors, academic degrees and departments.
  6. preparing reports and statistics related to academic staff at the University and providing relevant bodies with those reports. 
  7. Putting laws and regulations relevant to the academic staff into force for the purpose of making right decisions.
  8. cooperation with other divisions that belong to Human Recourses Department.
  9. Following up the needs and requirements of academic staff.