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President of Amman Arab University Receives the Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria in Jordan

رئيس جامعة عمان العربية يستقبل سفير جمهورية بلغاريا في الأردن


President of Amman Arab University Receives the Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria in Jordan

Amman - Prof. Mohammed Al-Widyan, President of Amman Arab University, received at the library of His Excellency Mr. Metin Casa, Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. During the meeting attended by Mr. Jamal Al-Faouri, Mayor of Ain Al-Basha, and Mr. Waddah Mismar, Director of the Department of Information and Public Relations, they discussed enhancing aspects of cooperation with the aim of opening new horizons for the educational and learning process with Bulgarian universities.

Where Prof. Al-Widyan presented the history and origin of the Amman Arab University, the educational opportunities available to students at the university and the majors created by the university and the unique, such as the major of aircraft maintenance, aviation electronics science, the cybersecurity for the bachelor's degree, the specialization of pharmaceutical vigilance and regulatory affairs, the specialization of arbitration and commercial dispute resolution, the specialization of strategic management of the master's degree, as well as embodying the spirit of entrepreneurship and creativity among students, and preparing qualified and trained cadres that meet the requirements and needs of the local and global labor market, pointing to the Office of Relations and Social Responsibility, which is unique to the Amman Arab University at the level of Jordanian universities.

For his part, His Excellency the Ambassador stressed that the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is an important partner of the Republic of Bulgaria at the bilateral, regional and international levels, for more than fifty years, where the two friendly countries have linked relations of mutual trust, friendship and common values, and between the embassy will work to overcome all obstacles for students wishing to study in Jordanian universities, in addition to working on networking between Bulgarian universities and the Arab University of Amman for academic exchange and research participation between faculty members. He expressed his happiness to be in the university, which is characterized by its location and has a unique university environment.

In turn, Mr. Al-Faouri praised the role of Amman Arab University, which it plays in serving the community and the Ain Al-Basha Brigade through initiatives and activities targeting young people and activating their participation in all forums, in addition to providing additional discounts to the residents of Ain Al-Basha to join the Arab Amman University.

The two parties agreed to strengthen relations and open channels for networking with Bulgarian universities to increase opportunities for joint research cooperation, exchange of knowledge, experiences, technological resources and tools, and implement a number of joint conferences, courses and workshops.