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"Amman Arab University" Participates in the Academic Day of the College of Endowment Sciences

"عمان العربية" تشارك في اليوم العلمي الدراسي لكلية العلوم الوقفية


"Amman Arab University" Participates in the Academic Day of the College of Endowment Sciences

Amman Arab University participated in the first academic day held by the International Islamic University - US INTER GLOBAL UNIVERSITY – / College of Endowment Sciences, entitled: “Endowments and their Role in Addressing Contemporary Crises.” The university was represented in the scientific day by Dr. Monther Al-Qudah, a faculty member in the College of Law.

This scientific participation comes within the efforts of the Faculty of Law at Amman Arab University to continue joint scientific cooperation with Arab and international universities, as Amman Arab University is considered one of the most important and oldest private universities in the field of graduate studies in law in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and includes an elite group of legal scholars in the general and public departments. Private and Arbitration Department, which has many law programs, the most recent of which is the Master’s program in Arbitration and Commercial Dispute Resolution, which was recently introduced.

The scientific paper presented by Dr. Al-Qudah during the Scientific Day was entitled: “The Role of the Developmental Endowment in Addressing the Challenges and Problems Facing the Islamic Society in Light of the Western Endowment Experience” / (Welcome trust), where Al-Qudah pointed out during the paper that the Waqf had an effective role in The process of development and economic and social growth witnessed by Muslims in various Islamic eras. Islamic legislation also contributed to monitoring the affairs of the endowment and developing its rules. The endowment system in its various forms provided great services to the Islamic community, at all levels. The endowment was distinguished from modern civil society by its possession of the components of its existence, especially the material ones. It was from within and through its own production, without external support.

In his scientific paper, Al-Qudah also discussed modern Arab endowment models that contributed to achieving comprehensive economic development in Islamic society. He explained ways to develop the endowment’s performance in light of the Western endowment experience, and the ways in which the endowment can benefit from the British “Wellcome Trust” endowment experience. At the end of the first session, Dr. Al-Qudah answered the audience’s questions related to his scientific paper, which received the approval of the participants and attendees. It is noteworthy that the scientific day was attended by a group of endowment experts from a number of Arab countries, and in the distinguished presence of those interested in endowment affairs at the level of the Arab and Islamic world. It is worth noting that The College of Endowment Sciences is the first academic college in the world specializing in endowment sciences, established in the year 2023 AD, and includes an elite group of faculty members in the fields of endowment, Islamic financial and banking Sharia sciences.