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Graduates of College of Pharmacy at Amman Arab University Take the Legal Oath

خريجو صيدلة "عمان العربية" يؤدون القسم القانوني ملتزمين بأخلاقيات المهنة


Graduates of College of Pharmacy at Amman Arab University Take the Legal Oath

His Excellency, the Director General of the Food and Drug Administration, Professor Dr. Nizar Muhaidat, and the President of Amman Arab University, Professor. Mohamad Al-Widyan, sponsored the oath-taking ceremony for graduates of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Amman Arab University, in the presence of the Vice President of the University for Academic Affairs, Professor. Ismail Yamin, the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Professor. Rana Abu Huwaij, and the deans of the colleges, members of the academic and administrative staff, members of the Advisory Council at the College of Pharmacy, a delegation from the General Food and Drug Administration, and the families of the graduate students.

At the beginning of his speech, Dr. Mhaidat congratulated everyone on this achievement, which calls for pride and pride, and stressed the role of the General Food and Drug Administration in supporting faculty members, students and graduates of the College of Pharmacy within the context of enhancing national partnership and cooperation concluded between the Foundation and Amman Arab University, in order to achieve common goals in serving the public interest. And supplying the labor market with high competencies, by attracting scientific competencies in the College of Pharmacy to participate in the technical committees of the institution and using the scientific equipment available at the institution for the purposes of joint scientific research between the two parties, in addition to providing the opportunity for students to participate in field training and awareness programs launched by the institution.

In turn, Prof. Al-Widyan welcomed the sponsor of the ceremony and all the attendees, congratulating the graduates and their families on their graduation and thanking everyone who sought to support the outcome of this blessed moment that requires reverence, pride and respect, advising them to be loyal to the mission of their university and its best ambassadors in the various fields of work, as knowledge must be accompanied by good work and excellence. Combined with strong determination and sincere and unwavering will, leadership requires clear goals and vision to direct efforts and develop capabilities, calling on students to adhere to the ethics of this sensitive humanitarian profession, as it affects people’s lives and the safety of their lives. The graduates confirmed their covenant with God Almighty by taking the legal oath to the pharmacy profession in front of the audience, stipulating that they practice their profession honestly, honestly, and sincerely in accordance with the pharmaceutical rules and principles and applicable laws, and that they preserve the secret of the profession. Then, student Nidal Al-Muhtasib, delivered the graduates’ speech on behalf of his colleagues, in which he expressed their gratitude to their university and their professors for what they did. They benefited from their knowledge and experience until they reached this special day in their lives, and he and his colleagues expressed their gratitude to their families who never spared them a single day and waited a long time to witness the result of their cultivation and effort and the success of their sons and daughters before them.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, the University President, Professor. Mohamad Al-Widyan, honored the sponsor of the ceremony with the university shield, thanking him for his support for the graduates of the College of Pharmacy at Amman Arab University.