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Memorandum of Cooperation between "Amman Arab University" and "Jerash Governorate Council"

مذكرة تعاون بين "عمان العربية" و"مجلس محافظة جرش"


Memorandum of Cooperation between "Amman Arab University" and "Jerash Governorate Council"

Amman - Amman Arab University concluded a memorandum of cooperation with the Jerash Governorate Council, to provide additional discounts to the residents of the governorate, as well as networking for scientific research and community service.

The memorandum was signed on behalf of the university, its president, Professor. Mohamad Al-Widyan, and on behalf of the Jerash Governorate Council, its president, Mr. Raed Al-Atoum, in the presence of Dr. Muhammad Nassar, director of the marketing department at the university, and a number of council members and notables of Jerash Governorate.

During the meeting, Dr. Al-Widyan stressed his pride in the relations of cooperation and partnership with the community, which the university has taken upon itself as part of its vision. He presented an overview of the university’s colleges and their various specializations, stressing that the university is unique in the College of Aviation Sciences, which is the first college in the region to grant a Bachelor’s degree in Aircraft Maintenance and a Bachelor’s degree in Avionics Sciences. He said that the university is keen to produce competent educational outcomes that effectively engage in the labor market, and pointed to the university’s efforts in promoting the concept of social responsibility through the Office of Social Responsibility, which is unique to the university at the level of Jordanian universities.

For his part, Al-Atoum expressed his happiness and pride in cooperating with Amman Arab University, which is considered one of the distinguished universities in the educational process, which is the foundation of societies. He stressed that the Governorate Council is always working to enhance cooperation with all Jordanian institutions, and praised the academic reputation enjoyed by Amman Arab University. The two parties agreed to continue coordination between them to sustain the relationship for the benefit of both parties.