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Chess Competition for Amman Arab University Students

طلبة "عمان العربية" يتنافسون خلال بطولة شطرنج على مستوى الجامعة


Chess Competition for Amman Arab University Students

Under the patronage of Professor. Mohamad Al-Widyan, President of Amman Arab University, the Deanship of Student Affairs, within its plan of activities for the academic year 2023-2024, organized an individual chess tournament for University students. Prof. Al-Widyan opened the tournament in the presence of Professor. Ismail Yamin, Assistant of the President for Academic Affairs, and Dr. Wafa’ Al-Eid, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and the College of Educational and Psychological Sciences.

Organizing such tournaments is implemented to develop and enrich student activities and to form a University team. At the beginning of the tournament, Professor. Khaled Bani Hamdan, Dean of Student Affairs, presented an idea about the tournament, its objectives and prizes, while prof. Al-Widyan also thanked those in charge of this tournament and the participating students for the exerted efforts to accomplish this activity successfully, and he encouraged the students to participate in such useful activities. At the conclusion of the tournament, in which (14) male and female students participated, Professor. Khaled Bani Hamdan and Mr. Muhammad Bani Yassin, Head of the Student Activities Department, were crowned the winners of the tournament, where the first place winner was the student Fares Dudin, the second place was the student Abdul Rahman Al-Zubairi, and the third place was the student Hamza Ramadan.

It is worth noting that Amman Arab University pays great attention to this sport, as it organizes chess tournaments at the level of Jordanian universities annually at Amman Arab University, the most recent of which was the second “Al-Baqoura and Al-Ghamr” chess tournament at the level of students at Jordanian universities.