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A Memorandum of Joint Cooperation between Amman Arab University and the Jordanian Cooperative Corporation

مذكرة تعاون مشترك بين جامعة عمان العربية والمؤسسة التعاونية الأردنية


A Memorandum of Joint Cooperation between Amman Arab University and the Jordanian Cooperative Corporation

Based on Amman Arab University’s constant vision to communicate and network with active community institutions and to achieve its societal responsibility, the university concluded a memorandum of cooperation with the Jordanian Cooperative Corporation. The University was represented by its president, Professor. Mohamad Al-Widyan, while the institution was represented by its general director, Mr. Abdel Fattah Al-Shalabi, in the presence of: Dr. Mutee’ Al-Shibli, the coordinator of this memorandum, Mr. Waddah Mesmar, Director of the Media and Public Relations Department at the University, and all of: Engineer Ghaleb Haddadin, Assistant Director-General, Dr. Nadia Al-Khasawneh, Director of the Public Relations Unit, and journalist Ahmed Barqawi, the institution’s media spokesman.

In this regard, Prof. Al-Widyan said that this memorandum comes from the university’s belief in the institution’s important role in the economic fields and in spreading the cooperative culture in society and enabling associations to implement their development programs in various sectors, indicating that the memorandum of understanding will allow the institution’s affiliates and their children to study in the university’s various programs in Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Prof.Al-Widyan reviewed an introductory summary of the most important goals of Amman Arab University and the most prominent achievements at the research and academic levels, stressing that the university is keen to prepare efficient educational outcomes that engage in the labor market effectively, in addition to the university’s interest in the quality of education and adopting modern methods of teaching.

In turn, Mr. Al-Shalabi said that signing the memorandum with Amman Arab University comes in the context of the continuing need to serve the children of the cooperative sector and the employees of the institution, adding that the benefit gained from it is in obtaining an additional discount for students from the cooperatives for bachelor’s and master’s degrees on approved hours. Al-Shalabi pointed out the importance of Building on what has been accomplished between the two sides in order to enhance culture and cooperative thought among the student group due to its developmental, economic and social contributions, stressing the expansion of opening horizons of cooperation between the university and the institution in a way that serves the cooperative sector in spreading culture and cooperative thought through academic institutions.

It is noteworthy that the agreement aims to enhance cooperation between the two teams in terms of accepting students to enroll in the programs offered by the university in its various colleges and exchanging experiences and knowledge between the two teams as required by the common interest, in addition to the participation of both parties regarding initiatives and conducting joint research and studies.